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The dead make great neighbors, Part 2
Wednesday, 04 April 2018 21:42
Special to the Daily Planet

Part two of two parts

In last month’s column, I wrote about my quest to find a new pet sitter who wouldn’t be frightened of my haunted house. We hadn’t even boarded the ship before she started experiencing ghostly activity. 

Patty and I had barely touched down in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., when I started receiving messages from my new pet sitter. Isla asked me if there was a man that liked to walk up and down the road. I knew she was talking about a ghost. She said he was in his 70s or 80s and that he was walking aimlessly along the road to the new cemetery.

I told her that I noticed a new grave was dug in that cemetery a few days ago and I bet he was the new resident. This seemed to relieve her, as she said she’d seen him twice and thought it was her imagination. I suggested she should go introduce herself to the residents of the cemetery and tell them we’re friends. I told her they would help her out if she got in trouble because they helped me. 

I actually wrote about that experience in my Asheville Daily Planet column in May 2016 headlined “The Friendly Dead.” In it, I give details about how a bag of tortilla chips aported into the kitchen and how something had made my bed up for me all in the same week! My friend Joshua Warren asked me if something was strong enough to do all of those things, what else could it do? That was the point at which I started feeling uneasy. 

On my way home, I had to pass the cemetery. It was about 2:30 in the morning, foggy and eerily quiet. Anyone else would have driven past it quickly and avoided looking at it. Not me. I pulled into the cemetery and stopped my car. I started explaining the situation from the tortilla chips to my bed and told them about that uneasy feeling. 

I asked the residents if any of them would like to go home with me to keep an eye on things and keep me safe. To my amazement, my car immediately felt like it was filling up with people. I drove the short distance down the street to my house and parked. I thanked them for their help and told them I was going to go to bed. I slept like a baby. When I got up the next morning, they were gone and had taken whatever had been there with them! 

I knew from that experience that if she did what I did, the residents would keep her safe, too. I’d lived in that house for years before this experience happened, but I’d always made it a point to greet the residents every time I drove past them and exchange pleasantries. Well, I was the only one with the pleasantries, but I knew they heard me. 

I hadn’t been aboard the ship but two days when I started getting text messages about a trickster in my house that had messed with her a couple of times. 


I was so glad that I’d been upfront with her and gave her an idea of the type of things that sometimes occur there. I knew she’d be brave, though, and not abandon my cats. 


It wasn’t until I returned home that she gave me any real details. Most of the activity occurred in the kitchen. As with most hauntings, it started with the little things. Isla told me she had separated recyclables in a plastic grocery bag that she hung from a drawer handle beside the refrigerator. When she returned the next day, the bag was hanging from the drawer handle across the kitchen. She was fairly freaked out because she was certain of where she hung that bag.  


On another day, she was scooping kitty litter in the laundry room and heard two loud thuds in the kitchen. It was two soup cans that I had stacked on top of each other and pushed way back on the counter that had been pushed onto the floor. She tried over and over to make them “accidentally” fall by themselves, but could never recreate it.


Isla ended up being very firm with whatever was messing with her and told it she was supposed to be there and for it to stop messing with her. It did. She didn’t have any more incidents after that. 


I have a friend that believes all houses have a house spirit and perhaps that’s what Isla experienced. I don’t think it meant her any harm. I think it was just trying to protect my cats and my house. At any rate, Isla now has a wonderful story about her adventures in pet sitting and I have a very sweet, very dependable pet sitter who ain’t afraid of no ghosts!


 Shelley Wright, an Asheville native, is a paranormal investigator. She owns and runs the web-based Nevermore Mystical Arts and works at Wright’s Coin Shop in South Asheville. 




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