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The Candid Conservative: Feel like Alice in Wonderland?
Thursday, 16 September 2021 18:39
“A cultivated and decent man cannot be vain without setting a fearfully high standard for himself.” 
– Fyodor Dostoevsky

Special to the Daily Planet

If you’re an American in the summer of 2021, you should be feeling some pangs of conscience right about now.

That’s because if you’re an American in the summer of 2021, you are a citizen of a country that – for the third time in a row – casually tossed another failed “nation-building” vanity enterprise onto the junkheap of history.

That we‘ve once again sacrificed thousands of people to torture, mutilation and violent death adds emphasis to what should be a universal wail of shame across the country.

What we’re hearing from most media outlets, the president and the woke crowd in general, is more along the lines of a sophomoric whine.

Welcome to Wonderland.


Vietnam III

I was in the first Vietnam during what was realistically our last year as an effective fighting force. I watched us call surrender “peace with honor” and walk away from our allies in precisely the same manner and with precisely the same indifferences.

Leaders boldly declaring that Afghanistan isn’t another Vietnam are lying.  

It took a few years for the bad guys of that time to do what the Taliban has done in less than a few weeks. Then, as now, we made promises we didn’t keep. Then, as now, we betrayed those who served and died in a war crafted more for the vanities of our politicians than the realities of our needs.

Thousands of deaths, inestimable wounds, and trillions of dollars later we have nothing to show for our folly in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, but a parade of broken plans, hopes, promises and shame.

But experience tells us that elitists – especially elitist politicians – don’t do shame. 

Watch Biden’s Afghanistan response for an example of how vanity is a shame neutralizer.


COVID-19 continues to confound

Afghanistan is just one of a parade of betrayals – open borders, catastrophic deficit spending, fake racism narratives, socialism creep, and abandonment of the rule of law – demonstrating duplicity as the new American pastime.

Nowhere does that curse of character show up more surely than in how we’ve handled and continue to handle COVID-19.

From start to finish, there has been onemisstep, false narrative, empty promise and passionate pretense after another.

With all due respect to the CDC, Dr. Fauci, the WHO and China Inc., enthusiastic healthcare rhetoric is not the same thing as science. Science requires honesty, study, statistical sincerity, comprehensive data collection, control group research and time.

When you pretend that opinion is fact and leave out the gaps in your knowledge, you are sharing propaganda, not science.

My personal favorite is the suggestion that the current delta epidemic is specifically tied to the unvaccinated. No mention is made that (1) the data goes back to the first of this year when vaccination numbers were barely chartable (2) the delta variant was on its way here many months ago but our advisors ignored that certainty as they (3) flung open our doors and abruptly reversed their “crucial” protocols back in the spring.

Do you remember how we went from “we’re all going to die” to “America is back in business” seemingly overnight? That wasn’t science, it was a convenient script change.

The truth about COVID-19 is that there’s a lot about that truth we don’t know.

Beyond the fact that variants mostly get weaker as they evolve, we don’t know how many variants we are going to have or what the variants are going to do when we do have them. We don’t know if our vaccines are going to protect us from coming variants, if for most of us, our vaccines are research proven to be safer than the real risks of the virus, or if spotty data collection is a reliable foundation for public policy.

Heck, we can’t even get on the same page on where COVID-19 came from!

What we do know is that solid carefully collected data and time-tested control group studies are crucial to effectively addressing any healthcare reality.

We know that those who have been in charge for decades have been uber-warned about pending pandemics and done absolutely nothing to prepare for this inevitability.

We also know that separation is the only certain protection from COVID-19 and that human beings in a civilized productive society cannot separate without risking social, mental and financial collapse of even greater harm than the virus itself.

What I know personally is that trusting the organizations, companies, professions and regulators who brought us a two-decade long opiate debacle is not within my powers of denial.


What’s next?

People of the lie – meaning those who say what people want to hear, what their in-crowd wants to hear, or what serves their personal agenda – do not suddenly become paragons of virtue.

Avoid the deadly trap of cynicism, but hold tightly to a healthy skepticism toward anyone who claims to know more than they know, has a history of saying things with enthusiasm that turn out to be untrue, or who offers politically correct echoes over candor and information-based facts.

If, in today’s America you feel like Alice in Wonderland, take heart.

Remember that she, too, was told she was the crazy one and routinely ridiculed by the confident certainty of the players habituating that place of circular absurdity.

Keep your eyes forward and stick with the seven virtues as you navigate your way through perilous times. You need only be concerned if you start believing the Queen’s team of misfits.

If you feel ashamed right about now, that proves you’ve still got your wits and a bit of integrity. Both are needed in today’s America….



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