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The Candid Conservative: Hey Asheville — you’re surrounded
Tuesday, 05 December 2017 00:09
Special to the Daily Planet

“Shall I come to you with a rod, or in love and a spirit of gentleness?”

1 Corinthians 4:21

The Problem

Asheville is not an easy place to be a conservative. In a city stuffed to the gizzard with left-leaning conformists, thinking outside their comfort box has its dangers.  

That’s one reason so many of Buncombe’s 45,000 registered Republicans and a whole lot of other conservative-minded people go about their business quietly. To do otherwise is to trigger the “my way or the highway” crowd.

Speaking of such, the right has its own share of angry antagonists, too – just on a smaller scale. These folks equate being “Quietly Conservative” with passivity and up their game with malice. It doesn’t work for the right any more than it does for the left. Loud usually has more to do with a mission of motion than action. For further insight, consider the quietly conservative impact of a Marine scout-sniper

What’s the conservative movement’s real mission? We’re here to support our constitutional bridge to reality, reason, responsibility and right.

Those four words, by the way, can be summed up in one – normal.

With all due consideration to the left’s assertion normal doesn’t exist, “normal” people know better. Just as the posted speed limit, a temperature of 98.6 and shoes that fit are considered “normal,”

there’s a range of human behavior that includes normal and abnormal.

The left doesn’t like the word because they want to rewrite America’s script into their own very abnormal narrative. Here are a few examples of quiet conservatives resisting that slide:


A new kind of conservative

Eleventh District Congressman Mark Meadows is a unique political figure. May I suggest he’s the new mold for a brand of conservatism quietly changing America?

Representative Meadows is pulling off something that very few national politicians can. He stands for core values – conservative through and through – and does so with style, wit, courtesy and maturity. No one on the national scene is crafting that recipe with anything close to his consistency and authenticity.

The appeal of his method is understandable. Let’s talk about why it’s crucial.

We live in a land more at odds than at any time in the past 150 years. It can be argued this “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation” reality is occurring in a period of unprecedented international violence and vulnerability. There is great danger in our growing antagonism toward our fellows.

Congressman Meadows represents a fresh breed of principle driven politician who can stand for something and do it nicely.  He doesn’t attack those who attack him; he doesn’t use personal insults; and he doesn’t demonize the opposition.

What he does do is quietly disagree on the basis of facts; maturely raise concerns; and effectively demonstrate the appealing differences between the conservative view and that of the opposition. His model of public service holds extraordinary potential to unite and inspire.

Congressman Meadows is a “Quietly Conservative” Asheville resident who walks his talk with dignity and strength, and, like that sniper mentioned above – has impressive impact.



A quietly conservative liberal?

One of the more insidious missions of the left is the slaughter of the family. That matters because every bit of credible research makes it clear the traditional man-woman-child family is the foundation of everything good in a functional society. Fragment the family, and the dominoes – responsibility, academic achievement, health, economic parity and personal wellbeing – fall right behind it.

How have we lost so much family traction? Look no further than governmental and social policies that push abortion, the pill, working mothers, gender confusion and a hyper-sexualized approach to male-female relations. Men and women can now rent each other without commitment. No commitment = no respect and no family.

New York resident Erica Komisar, a political liberal and mental health practitioner, has written a book every conservative and truth-seeking liberal should read.

“Being There: Why Prioritizing Motherhood in the First Three Years Matters” – is a book for culturists who care about the future of our people.

The premise is simple – women are not only the only gender that can have children, they are the best gender to raise them – especially in the first three years of life.

Her conclusions don’t originate from obscure research sponsored by Gerber. It results from “meta-studies” of data conclusions in the social sciences, neurosciences and epigenetics. All three land on the same bullseye – babies bond to their mom in the womb and feeding that bond for the first three years is crucial to normal development.

Our failure to consider mother nature’s wisdom explains a lot of the misery. Those not getting Mom’s soothing emotional devotions – via a neurotransmitter link called Oxytocin – do not develop their own internal emotional regulator. For a window on where that leads take a Saturday tour of your local discount store.

You might expect that Ms. Komisar would be first on the guest list for the “The View.”: You’d be wrong – she’s been widely vilified by the left. Her conclusions are dramatically antagonistic to Brand-X’s mission of making women like men and pretending our differences are incidental.

Ms. Komisar notes a pattern of abuse by fellow liberals treating her as a traitor to their movement. “You are going to set women back 50 years” is a typical response. Anger trumps appreciation when she quietly takes informed issue with the left’s take on women.  

The suggestion a New York psychotherapist has any connection to quiet conservatism seems a stretch until you look at what’s she’s done. Ms. Komisar has chosen truth over comfort; reason over emotion; courage over accommodation; sacrifice over reward; and the needs of others over political expediency. Those traits offer a specific example of quiet conservatism.

Thank you, Ms. Komisar. Here in our community we have a ton of quietly conservative moms practicing what you preach. Whether it’s through the sacrifices of living on one family income; home schooling; bringing up children coached in faith; or working extra hard to preserve the health and future of their family; the Oxytocin fueled instincts of motherhood are saying “no” to the nonsense of the left.



Where’s the conservative?

In their younger years my children had a much-favored book series called, “Where’s Waldo?” The nightly mission was to take a crowded page of figures and find Waldo amidst the chaos.

The Buncombe County Republican Party has borrowed a bit of Waldo and crafted our own “Where’s the Conservative?” take-off. Thanks to a UNCA art student, we now have our own “Quietly Conservative” stickers turning up in Asheville’s chaos.  

If you’re a student at one of our community’s colleges or high schools, you may have already seen examples. If you want some to put to use, drop me an email. The purpose – let the opposition know they’re surrounded.

Buncombe’s organized Republicans are quietly stirring the political pot. Whether it’s saying “yes” to those occasions when mainstream news outlets try to include a conservative view; starting a debate program whereby we take on the opposition on their turf and in their way with their political subject and then contribute to the charity of their choice; or working hard to pull the various Republican factions into a positive, proactive and cohesive group – we are active and anything but passive.



Because we believe that diversity of thought matters. We believe the left is severely misguided in their approach. We believe in embracing the time-tested lessons of the past as surely as the dynamic potentials of new thinking. We believe that you can have big government or big people but never both. We believe we have to out-think, out-create and out-work the opposition. Above all, we believe that America’s future is best found in our exceptional success equation – Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity.

America has a political movement characterized by anger, antagonism and assault. For a hint, look to the left’s idea of a youth development program – Antifa – and that organization’s national “apocalypse” plan.

Asheville’s conservatives have a quieter plan – a better plan – a normal plan…


 Carl Mumpower, a psychologist and former elected official, is chairman of the Buncombe County Republican Party. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . 




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