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The Candid Conservative: Trading ‘harms’ with Mexico
Wednesday, 20 June 2012 16:13


The violence going on south of our border matches the worst horrors you can find in history.  It just doesn’t get much worse than cutting off heads, burying people alive upside down, and using older folks for target practice.  All that and more has happened in Mexico – a place where 15,000 or more people are murdered each year by drug cartels.  It’s all thanks to an informal free-trade arrangement whereby Mexico exports illegal immigrants and drugs to us and we export dollars and guns to them.  The money comes from our employers who like the cheap labor and our drug users who like the high. Both groups portray themselves as innocent victims but, in fact, are silent partners in an Hispanic version of Murder, Inc.  As of now, Mexican authorities are losing the fight against drug gangs and cartels.  And both are entrenched in the U.S.  It’s just a matter of time before they start exporting their terror here too…

Egyptian fantasies 

The liberal media, and that includes most media,  has revealed its hypocrisy and immaturity on the fantasy of an Egyptian spring.  Instead, extremists now control 72 percent of parliament.  The left told us the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists were not popular in Egypt.  The New York Times called them the “Bumbling Brotherhood” and, amazingly, argued that poor people who took their help would not vote for them.  Though that’s precisely the model the Democrat Brotherhood successfully uses here.  The Huffington Post touted the UN Secretary General’s naïve belief that, “The power of the Muslim Brotherhood has been exaggerated.  It’s been a European obsession more than an Arab reality.” Wrong – by a long shot. The brotherhood won 47 percent of Egypt’s parliament and other hardliners won 25 percent.  You can count on the left to continue marketing hope and change fantasies over unpleasant realities.

Immigration deceptions

One of the nice things about being a liberal is a core belief that ends justify means.  That means it’s OK to hide, exaggerate, or otherwise abuse the truth because your mission is holy.  Take illegal immigration.  The left takes great pride in supporting porous borders, resisting enforcement, and conspiring to enable illegal aliens wherever possible.  One recent falsehood centers on the pretense that tough laws in Georgia and Alabama are costing farmers million in rotting crops.  Farmers have access to unlimited workers through the migrant visa program.  The rotten crops came from farmers who preferred hiring illegals under the table.  By the time they starting working within the law, it was too late.  Too bad – that’s their fault, not ours or the system.  Farmers who refuse to stay legal or mechanize crop recovery are getting what they’re earning.  Once again the left reveals it’s addiction to half-truths.

Obama misstep

North Carolina just handed the left its most stunning defeat in recent memory.  By a resounding majority, voters supported a Constitutional amendment affirming marriage as between one man and one woman.  North Carolina has been a successful playground for liberals seeking to downgrade America with their corrupt version of progress.  In word and deed, deviance, division, and dependency define the Democratic Party.  They’ve had great success in capturing the Tar Heel state – to a point of arrogant assumption on their infallibility.  Sounds a bit like our President, doesn’t it?  Curiously, PBO came out in favor of same sex marriage after the vote.  For liberals it was a day late and dollar short.  For conservatives it was just the affirmation they needed to further rally against Obama’s brand of liberal socialism.  Election day was a reality check for the left’s culture vultures.  Their head bird may have also wrung his own neck.

Carl Mumpower, a former member of Asheville City Council, may be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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