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The Candid Conservative: The perfection of deception
Saturday, 14 April 2012 19:01

By Carl Mumpower

Man’s always been deceptive, but it’s become accepted practice in  today’s  America.  It’s ironic that  in a time of unprecedented plenty, truth has become the rarest of  commodities.  Part of this cultural  slide comes out of the left’s message truth is relative.  No, our point of view may be  relative,  but the point of truth is sharp and  specific.  Like a  needle in  haystack, it’s not easy  to find.  We live in wicked times.  Our culture is being degraded at  every level.  Yet most conservatives, people of faith, culturists, and communities remain passive and silent.  Truth demands more.  Like anything that is valuable, it  doesn’t come cheaply.  Need an  example of our society’s ability to take a lie and buy it as truth?  How about the reality we’ve aborted 50 million children – a number matching the deaths of World War II – and are  calling it choice instead of genocide.  If that point doesn’t prick you, you’ve lost your interest in  truth. 


Franklin Graham was right

Christian evangelist Franklin Graham jumped into hot water a few  weeks back.  On MSNBC, Graham noted  he could not “categorically” say Obama is a Christian.  Liberals and Obama apologists went  ballistic and Graham subsequently caved and apologized.  He shouldn’t have.  Obama’s Christian credentials, like  anyone else’s, are measured by deed, not words.  For anyone to sit in the venomous pews  of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright for 20 years and claim Christian status  stretches all levels of reason.  Wright was an angry social activist who used his Church and Christianity  as camouflage.  Obama listened for  20 years and didn’t disavow the good Reverend until the media 

illuminated  Wright’s venom.   That’s spiritual opportunism folks – not  Christianity.  Graham was right to  question Obama’s honest values.  Graham’sa pology unfortunately demonstrated another version of spiritual  opportunism. 


Rush chickened out, too!

  Say it ain’t so Rush!  Did you really apologize for calling Sandra Fluke a slut?  The dictionary defines “slut” as “a  promiscuous woman.”  It’s not a nice  word, but it is evidently, per Ms. Fluke, an accurate word.  What do you have to apologize for –  other than chickening out when the political correctness police got fired  up.  You weren’t alone Rush –  Republican politicians were happy to walk on your head to escape the heat.  Don’t you love the way the left makes an  anti-government slogan out of “Keep your hands off my uterus,” and then uses  government to force us to fund birth control so others can use that uterus as a  toy? Our hyper-sexualized culture is making sluts out of lots of young  ladies.  It’s liberal nonsense to  pretend any woman is uplifted or liberated by being used as a toy for immature  little boys.  In backtracking on Ms.  Fluke’s promiscuous use of her body parts, Rush mislaid some of his  own….


Left keeps spinning the right

In  a recent issue of Vanity Fair, a magazine as characterized by its firstname as  it is distanced from its second, the TEA Party and the parade ofRepublican  Presidential candidates were liberally chastised.  That’s liberally both in the sense of “a  lot” and liberally in the sense of “spin.” Two Republican limitations brightly illuminated on back to back pages –  one an article and the other an ad – were a supposed aversion to taxes and personal liberties.  Both are  distortions common to a political movement dedicated to the promise of something  for nothing and making people more dependent on politicians. TEA partiers,  Republicans, and conservatives are not against taxes – they’re against waste and  resist taxes to resist big government.  We’re also not against liberty.  We’re against deviance and genocide endorsed behind a pretense of  liberty. Factual hysteria is a dead giveaway of intellectual and moral  bankruptcy Mr. and Mrs. Liberal. 

Carl Mumpower, a former member of Asheville City Council, may be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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