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The Daily Planet’s Opinion: May 2016
Monday, 09 May 2016 21:57

Let's join forces to create a more relient Asheville

We heartily endorse Ashevillage’s drive — throughout May — to sign up 828 residents to each take a specific positive environmental action for Asheville’s first Community Resilience Challenge. (The “828” is from Asheville’s telephone area code.)

“One person planting a tree alone, it doesn’t seem that important, but scale that up to the 83,000 people in Asheville or the 238,000 in Buncombe County....” said Janeel Kapoor, founding director of Asheville, a local nonprofit dedicated to sustainable solutions. “All of our citizens can take some action at a local level.”

For instance, Kapoor said that every garden, every tree, every solar panel adds up when it comes to building a more resilient community in the face of a changing climate.

The event began in 2010 in California, documenting efforts by individuals, families, churches, schools, businesses and others to save water, grow food, conserve energy, reduce waste or build community.

To that end, we encourage residents who believe “it takes a village to save a planet” to sign up by visiting

The Candid Conservative: Be afraid — very afraid
Monday, 09 May 2016 21:48
Special to the Daily Planet

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”

Thomas Jefferson


The problem 

The largest “leap of faith” flock in Asheville is neither Protestant, Catholic nor Jewish. That title rests firmly in the hands of the progressive-liberal-socialist movement. 

 Under the guise of love, progress, and diversity, these folks have morphed into the most successful ideological force in 21st century America. 

To the extent they’re a daring group of obsessive control freaks (think Islamic jihadists without bombs and guns) culturists of more altruistic faiths should fear them – and contest their success.

 Let’s start with a look at five ways these PLS jihadists are sawing the head off our culture.

The commandant-in-chief

 The current point man for the PLS movement is finishing out his last year as America’s commander-in-chief. That this political celebrity has functioned more surely as a commandant than a commander can be frightfully demonstrated.

 The U.S. Constitution is our culture’s organizing foundation. Its frame contains four distinct missions – constraining government; supporting the rule of law; protecting the citizenry; and sustaining liberties. As regards walk over talk, Barack Obama has devoted his entire career to doing precisely the opposite.

 One need look no further than his State-of-the-Union addresses, border indifference, presidential appointees, and regulatory expansions for confirmation. In each case Obama’s compass aims to inflate government’s hand on everything and trample the limping legacy of the Founding Fathers. Such is the mark of the political sociopath.

Through the rule-of-law, smart societies are governed by time-test values that support liberty, opportunity, and responsibility. Rule-by-personality, personal preference, passion, power and political agenda are the preferred motivations of our current president.

 By ignoring Congress and stacking the judiciary with constitutional opportunists, he is corrupting the balance-of-power framework that has sustained us for centuries. That’s the antithesis of the mission he swore to uphold.

 Watch the stellar example of his autocratic agenda – ObamaCare – implode on itself and remember how it happened and who made it happen.

 As governments grow, people shrink. Every new rule, social engineering effort, tax, bureaucracy, unfunded mandate, or government employee crowds out a matching chunk of liberty. Obama is the king of the fairytale that bigger government equals better us.

Nazis in training

 You may have noted the hysteria a few weeks back when – courtesy of a chalk lothario’s Zorro like mischief – a platoon of liberal control zombies masquerading as Emory University students had to scurry for their “safe zones.” The words ‘Trump in ‘16” necessitated crisis-intervention counseling, oxygen and spinach smoothies for the stricken.

 Across the nation, what were once called institutions of higher learning are fast becoming in-patient psychiatric retreat centers devoted to soothing the hysteria of obsessive social regulators/scholars. Note the malice when these special little snowflakes land near the non-conforming. Hell hath no fury as a progressive-liberal-socialist scorned.

The Bible suggests you shall know them by their deeds. In the case of the Left, no matter how much they talk about love, compassion, caring and giving, their deeds are revealed in malice, force, power, control and condemnation of any thinking differing from their own. Hate to break it to the history-deficient, but that’s the secret formula for fascism.


The 4th rung of government

The Founding Fathers thought three branches of government – executive, legislative, and judicial – would best cover our bases. Over the past 100-plus years, politicians – on both sides – have decided that four would be a better number and have created an undeclared administrative branch. If you think those first three are scary and/or incompetent, wait until you hear about this one.

 Did you know that 80 percent of the rules, regulations and other governmental burdens you face come not from laws passed by Congress, but through edicts assumed by bureaucrats? Yep, as our elected officials have busily added one department of this, commission of that, and agency of such, unelected public officials have taken over our government.  

 Remember that time-tested reference on “power corrupts?” Well it’s being validated day in and day out by a phalanx of unionized government employees needing to justify their existence. Though we can’t protect our borders, win our wars or balance our budgets, these administrative munchkins are on a mission to micromanage everything else – and it’s not just in Washington.

 From up there to right here, if a new rule, regulation or other government intrusion on your personal liberties is applied, odds are there’s a liberal politician backing the play. Isn’t it fascinating that the Left prides itself on being “progressive,” but simultaneously feels compelled and licensed to direct everything that moves?

When you think of the fourth rung of government, think of cancer. To grow, the bad stuff has to eat the good stuff.


Social engineering

There are a bunch of people out there who believe they are uniquely enlightened on the ways of the world. They have a mission to stuff the rest of us into their box. The idea they might be wrong rarely dawns on these folks. The high coming out of playing God is too exciting to waste time on reflection and reason.

The LBGT movement offers an example. In recent years they have moved from a role of education and social justice to recruitment and power. Validation of this trend is especially noticeable among adolescents and young adults. Those thus struggling to find their place in a crazy world are easily tempted to question nature’s gender decisions and adapt their own out of fear, convenience, rebellion or a need to belong. Unfortunately, though we are free to make our own choices, we are not free to avoid the consequences. Living outside of one’s natural gender is a difficult process that no amount of social reprogramming can erase.

Gender confusion is cause for compassion — not celebration. And yet that is precisely the mission of this political group – to bully the rest of us into accepting and endorsing their boundary deficient reality as special. With all due respect to these guys, gals and the strugglers in-between, gender-swapping, same-sex marriage, and free-range bathroom access offer stronger testimony to sadness than specialness.  


Postponement politics

Look around Asheville. It’s clear we’re experiencing a surge of prosperity. Unfortunately, much of that shininess is funded on the backs of our children and grandchildren. City debt is growing, county debt is off the chain, and we owe about $55 billion at the state level. The real point of danger is the debt avalanche building out of Washington.

Twenty-trillion dollars is such a fantastic figure that it seems unreal – so large it eclipses our capacity to reason it out. Concepts beyond our cognitive paygrade tend to get laid aside. We’ll worry about gas going up a quarter and ignore the fact every taxpayer in America owes $130,000 toward the national debt. That’s the equivalent of a home loan without a home.

Living large today at the expense of tomorrow is a liberal concept embraced by both parties and it necessitates an adolescent mindset. We’ve been choosing teenage leaders for decades and are about to discover the consequences of postponement politics.  



America’s 21st century progressive-liberal-socialists make up for lack of realism with a ton of enthusiasm. Irrationality combined with passion makes Jack a dangerous boy in need of adult supervision.

For the conservative-minded, may I suggest a three-step process for challenging the false gods of the left? Step One – be afraid, very afraid. Two – reconsider the fantasy America is immune from cultural self-destruction. Three – step over all that and find your rightful place in the fight.   

For the liberal-minded, I suggest a one-step process. Stop ignoring the laws of nature…. 

Thanks for spending a few minutes with a candid conservative!

Carl Mumpower is a psychologist and former elected official. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .






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