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The Daily Planet's Opinion: May 2015
Monday, 11 May 2015 15:38

Put park on vacant city parcel

Asheville City Council should be commended for having the wisdom to announce that it does not want a hotel to be built on its empty 0.8-acre parcel — valued at $2.6 million — at 68-76 Haywood St., across from the U.S. Cellular Center downtown.

Proposed uses for the city-owned land have included a convention center, a hotel, a plaza, a park and a performing arts center.

Through 10 years of city ownership, the parcel, variously called “the world’s most expensive (non) parking lot” and the “pit of despair,” remains vacant. Most of the seven council members want to see a tax-producing structure there, along with a plaza or a similar public space.

What’s more, Mayor Esther Manheimer recently said, “I think it’s more of what we don’t want to see. I don’t think there is any interest any longer in a hotel.”

Meanwhile, an environmental group and one council member continue to advocate for a park, claiming they have the support of many voters.

We think the park idea has much merit, especially since the historic Basilica of St. Lawrence, one of downtown’s crown jewels located just across the street from the city’s parcel, includes a signature brick dome that experts fear could suffer damage from any heavy-duty construction projects nearby. (The church was built by Spanish architect Rafael Guastavino in 1905.)

The city lacks parks in that area — and a park would be an organic and aesthetic addition, complimenting the neighboring structures and benefitting the community as a whole.
The Candid Conservative: Feminist femme fatales....
Monday, 11 May 2015 15:30
Special to the Daily Planet

“Women hold up half the sky.”

— Mao Zedong


The Problem

We live in a time when the very real potential of “normal” is being shanghaied by snake-oil salesmen. 

Mass marketing the Constitution, tradition, the Bible, and conservatism as dated and irrelevant, these fake social Robin Hoods are more truly social misfits. The treacherous mission – downgrading the culture to their own comfort zone.

Imitating mafia kingpins eliminating the competition, these champions of moral relativism have rapidly fouled America’s political, judicial, academic, religious, and economic systems. And trail tracks back for decades – arguably it begins with women.


The Feminist Mistake

The feminine movement found its wings in the 1960s. Initially sold as a legitimate effort to level the playing field for women, that agenda was quickly corrupted into a broader blueprint for destroying the field for everyone.

The pill, abortion, recreational drugs, and free-love were heralded as milestones of societal advancement. History reveals irresponsibility, abdication of parental accountability, feel-good dedications and sexual immorality more certainly heralds decline.

It’s all been peddled in the name of making women the equal of men. Instead, women are fast becoming like men. Though feminists celebrate, there’s no victory in being liberated to be stupid.


What’s Happening?

Looking for a fast-track to undermining a powerful culture? Go after unity, morality, and families. How? Pull the lynchpin. The feminine gender is the force bringing us together, checking values and cultivating future generations.

Unity does not require uniformity. Nature’s clear directive is that men and women be united as a ladder to the top of the food chain. To the extent that women pick men, not the reverse, they’re the real point of action in heterosexual relationships. Demotivate women and we lose our glue.

Morality matters. When women lower or discard their standards, everything falls. A society without a workable sense of right and wrong drifts with the current and lands on the rocks. Watch a “Bonanza” episode and any of today’s primetime shows for insight on America’s rocky reality.  

Research can be manipulated and usually is. But in the case of family the echo is too persistent to distort. Children raised with a Mom and Dad do better – far better – than all the other options. Deconstructing the family by sidetracking mom, enabling men, and encouraging single parent folly are just a few misguided practices making whole families a left-over TV memory.


What’s So Special About Women?

A short-course on gender reveals common ground blended with distinct differences. Men like to be the hero and fix things. We enjoy problem-solving, adventure and challenge. Women like those things too, but they add a passion central to mankind’s future – civilizing the world. Women create bridges, moderate their environment and keep men in check. Without the force of their warmth, strength and insight, social sanity dies.

Women are our canaries in the coal mine.

Before technology put Tweety Bird out of business, canaries were widely employed in the mining industry. Their music voiced certainty no poisonous gasses had been tapped. If the music stopped, it warned of uncorked danger. That’s what women do, but they do it everywhere and all the time. Like Tweety, many suffer in the process.

How Do We Harm Women?

The left and feminist activists are correct that the free-love movement, birth-control pill and legalized abortion have been a pronounced source of liberation. But it’s men, not women, who’ve been freed – to do even more of what we already want to do and with less accountability.

Thanks to the left’s “revelry over morality” successes, men can rent women and walk away when a new toy comes along. We don’t have to earn their affections or commit.

Women are not designed to be toys for little boys. Today’s “liberated” women are having to hyper sell their sexuality to matter. Setting up a social order defined by degrading women is bad mojo.  Our modern society is thus mass producing two commodities – angry women and immature men. 

As of today we’ve licensed 60 million abortions in America. Less we pretend this carnage has uplifted women, please note that single parent family statistics have skyrocketed during the same period.  How can anyone believe neutering a woman’s matchless gift is advanced thinking?



America has reached a tipping point that does not prophesy a thoughtful recovery. Television – a most efficient portal to darkness – reveals majority addiction to pleasure over all other considerations.

Imagine a past time when explicit porn movie titles would have been displayed on cable schedules for our children to ingest. Who would have thought condom, sexual performance enhancements and vibrators would be hyped with such nauseating frequency. Our appetites have been redirected to a moral version of fast-food.

As free-thinking individuals we have the power to skip this exploitation game. Dusty Bibles tell us a record of perfected purity is not a necessary entry point. Actions now and forward most sincerely mark character.  

It’s not easy to resist the toxic influences of a lost culture. It can be done, though, and Mom and Dad are key. The Bible and churches teaching its moral truths still stand as a great counterinfluence. Then again there’s television. Reruns of “Bonanza” and other old shows still offer remarkably cogent insights on how to do life right.

Men, when women echo feminist hoopla by suggesting you have to be one to know one, resist the effort to shut you up. Silence in the face of our society’s evisceration of women is cowardliness. Tell them you don’t have to be an engine to know how to fix one – and that it’s your job to protect women and know the difference between sophisticated and stupid. Above all other actions, recognize your opposites as a blessing – when cherished – holding potentials beyond extraordinary.   

If you’re a woman, invest in deeper versus popular truths. The left hasn’t liberated your gender; it’s repackaged the despair. Anyone thus seeking to distract you from your true nature to a politicized construct of what’s best for you is not a friend.  A Cadillac can be used to haul firewood, but that’s not what Cadillacs are for.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with a candid conservative….


Conservative Tip of the Month

For a view into the inauthenticity of progressive diversity and sensitivity claims, witness two contrasting Asheville events. The first was the hanging of a huge gay pride banner on the face of City Hall. No matter their denials, city leaders violated the law in deliberating that decision outside of public view. The mayor’s attempt to link her actions to a two-year old resolution was embarrassingly unethical. The flag was bad thinking, but a later deed was more revealing. On the face of the new Col. Robert Morgan Memorial resting between the city and county buildings is his favorite scriptural reference – John 12:46. Those one-inch letters were mysteriously engraved before the monument was officially transferred to the city. Their response has been to blackout the scripture. A tug of war has resulted between staff with black paint and those wanting the lettering to be visible.  It remains to be seen who will win, but the 1x6 inch scripture versus the 10x20 foot gay pride banner pretty well sums up Asheville’s political reality. Traditional values are being shoved to the back of the bus. That’s how change often happens, but don’t buy the left’s soft pretenses. Supremacy is the name of the game and seven shades of blue on the city’s governing council affirms success. Sincere culturists are advised to remember diversity and sensitivity really do matter – even when it involves conservatives.    

Do you have information about a source of mischief in our community? You can safely contact us at 252-8390 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We are offering a $500 reward for information on corruption, crime, or other harms you share in confidence and we reveal in print. Bad things grow in the dark. We have a flashlight – do you have a whistle?

Carl Mumpower is a former member of Asheville City Council.



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