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The Daily Planet’s Opinion, December 2014
Tuesday, 02 December 2014 15:33

Is council selling off city’s charm?

We are concerned that Asheville seems to be on the road to the ruination of its uniqueness in selling naming rights of community landmarks to the highest corporate bidders.

There have been two prominent and alarming instances in recent years.

At the end of 2011, amid complaints of a lack of transparency in the process, City Council voted 6-1 to change the name of the Asheville Civic Center to the U.S. Cellular Center. U.S. Cellular offered $810,000 over five years, growing to $1.35 million if the city agreed to a three-year extension.

Council justified the move as an attempt to help renovate the aging facility. Cecil Bothwell, a columnist for the Daily Planet, cast the dissenting vote.

The latest outrage — in late October — involved another approval by council of the sale of naming rights of the plaza in front of the Asheville Art Museum on Pack Square in the heart of downtown Asheville.

This time, Council voted unanimously to approve a deal with State Employees Credit Union for $1.5 million. The “SECU Plaza” name applies for the entirety of the museum’s current 30-year lease with the city. The money will go toward a planned $17 million museum expansion project.

As with the case with the 1970s-era Civic Center, we trust that the improvements to the museum are necessary and will benefit the community.

However, we also do not want to see our city sold off and transformed into a collection of corporate logos. Uniqueness is one of the reasons it is a significant destination for hipsters, tourists and retirees, well-known as an arts, food and music mecca. Thus, renaming should be done thoughtfully.

Asheville is a special place. If council continues its crassly commercial practices, our city risks morphing into “Anyplace, USA” — losing its standing as the nation’s “quirkiest town.”
The Candid Conservative Progressives post a victory flag....
Tuesday, 02 December 2014 15:24
Special to the Daily Planet


“I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.”
— Adolf Hitler

The Problem

Asheville’s liberal-socialist-progressive movement is winning the city’s undeclared culture war. Like a touchdown booty dance, the illegal presentation of the Gay Pride banner on City Hall heralds the victory.

Locals steeped in traditions more clearly grounded in reason should be waking up – your values, heritage and children are being kidnapped by mischievous transplants.


Why the fuss?

Take a moment to ponder the mocking reality that people of the same sex are obtaining moonlight marriages in Buncombe’s courthouse; topless exhibitionists are free to parade in city parks; illegal aliens operate with open immunity; and drugs now compete with tourism as the city’s primary revenue generator. Who, having grown up in “Cool Green Asheville,” would ever have imagined the rapid transition to a self-congratulating “Cesspool of Sin?”

The transformation is imported. Though open systems are healthier than closed, the equation of refreshment doesn’t work when the doors, like our nation’s borders, are porously vulnerable to toxic intrusions. Like kudzu, acid rain and killer bees, too many newcomers have arrived with a dedication to manhandling versus enhancing the existing culture.


How Did They Do It?

 When the mission is power, the unscrupulous always find a way. Forgetting that it is not possible to do good things through bad means, the left has imported a rainbow of wicked strategies championed by naïve mascots, social predators and the self-serving.

Boo-Boo Governance – Buncombe’s School Administrators recently offed a great example of distraction as a power tool. Instead of facing facts like 51 percent of our kids can’t read at grade level; we have the third most dangerous school system in the state; and 50-plus percent of students are milking a subsidized meal deal, they highlight more attractive data. The model mirrors a parenting technique deployed when little ones get a boo-boo. “Look at the butterfly” works equally well on children and taxpayers.

Personal attacks – When the left can’t compete on ideas, verbal assault is the fallback position. Witness a sitting city council member’s email when the above mentioned banner enactment was compared to Nazi methodologies – “You are so incredibly bonkers that I can’t quite begin to understand why you are still allowed out in public.” Note the jackboot overtones.

Promise something for nothing – Read the left’s political platform and observe the absence of accountability and expense. Merchants and politicians alike hook the vulnerable with a pretense of free stuff. Nature tells us nothing is free and thus the left is doomed to be the political movement of seduction over production. We go down with them.  

Relativism – One way to undo a culture’s sense of right and wrong is to sell the fabrication that right and wrong don’t exist. In that hedonism is more fun that responsibility, those selling the former can break a society’s morale compass. How does one know what’s morally right and wrong?

Look to what works and stands the test of time. We are rapidly abandoning the Judeo-Christian model of morality that brought us to a great dance. Optimistic relativism mirrors the absurdity of one who doesn’t believe in gravity, jumps off a sky scraper and on the way down exclaims “so far so good.”

False choices – Progressives falsely market their position as an alternative to opposition ‘extremes.’ If you don’t agree with same-sex marriage, then you’re ‘homophobic.’ If you don’t embrace government handouts, then you hate poor people. If you don’t support abortion, you’re warring against women. How about the lucid options of a Biblical position on sexual morality; resisting condemning people to a life of subsistence; and not buying the idea that killing 55 million children uplifts anybody?

Diversity avoidance – When’s the last time you remember a liberal-conservative debate on local issues? Liberals scrupulously avoid such – whether it’s through left-minded dominance at UNC-A or 7-0 representation on Asheville’s council. Despotism is always revealed by fear of opposition. There’s that Nazi ringtone again.  

Playing the God card – America’s left has little regard for Christian theology except as a tool. Hitler also referenced Jesus and the Bible to mark points. The latter suggests “You shall know them by their deeds.” Advocating dependence, sexual immorality, drug use, abortion, and stealing through government are misdeeds having absolutely no connection to God’s Biblically stated will.

Deviance advocacy – Any comparison between the ‘Greatest Generation’ and the ‘Me Generation’ will note a clear preference for normalcy by the former and deviance by the latter. We’ve reached a point in our cultural slide affirming the scriptural declaration “I will make children their chiefs, and foolish ones will have rule over them.” The left reliably sells deviance as normal and normal as deviant and a whole lot of people are buying the scam. Why? For the same reason that hooded white southerners once flocked to the KKK – it’s fun to truck with what’s in. Nazis called it “unity through uniformity.”   


Why Does It Matter?

Would that I had a hundred dollar bill for every profanity, insult and threat received for challenging that Gay Pride flag on city hall. “You are a quack” cards from California; banishment emails from city council members; drive-by oral bullets; and other forms of liberal love make it tough to follow the rainbow.

One of my favorite criticisms centers on “insensitive” comparisons between the gay pride banner and the Nazi banner. The Nazi reference was a Photoshopped possibility by counter-protestors. The Gay Pride flag was a real and startlingly insensitive display by living breathing elected officials. Those pulling the sympathy card to discredit a David-like challenge to the city’s Goliath-like governing body might want to read up on the holocaust. 

The Nazi comparison remains all too fitting. Although fading memories of that period’s dark touch are typically limited to genocide, war and chaos, that’s the end game. Hitler’s early rise to power mirrored the tactics of today’s liberal-socialist-progressives. 

Nazism took down what was arguably the most culturally advanced society in Europe. It’s foolish to believe this generation’s version of Hitler 2.0 can’t do it in America. Demigods have to kill what is to become the next what is…



Conservative Tip of the Month

Absolute truisms don’t exist, but the caution “you get what you earn” comes close. Contrary to the false doctrine of the left, true equality is never legislated, given or stolen. The minute one asks for equality, inequality is affirmed. When it comes to gender, race, or economic standing, there is only one sure path to equality – be an equal. Like all other good things, that mission is accomplished through learning, growing, working, and contributing – not through political benevolence. Authentic self-worth rests firmly in our own hands and always comes at a price.


 Do you have information about a source of mischief in our community? You can safely contact us at 828-252-8390 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We are offering a $500 reward for information on corruption, crime, or other harms you share in confidence and we reveal in print. Bad things grow in the dark. We have a flashlight – do you have a whistle?

Carl Mumpower is a former member of Asheville City Council.




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