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The Candid Conservative: Those deadly Democrats
Sunday, 14 June 2015 12:25
Special to the Daily Planet

“After the first blush of sin comes its indifference.”

— Henry David Thoreau

The Problem

hen it comes to politics, most of us run on habit first and reason second. How else can one explain the large number of conservative thinkers clinging to the wicked wackiness of the Democratic Party?

For those ruminating over itchy discomfort and possible exit strategies, may I introduce a little motivation? The party of closet socialism has embraced a lethal platform – The Seven Deadly Sins.



For the Biblically challenged, there are seven sins therein identified as super toxic. Those “deadlies: are Lust, Greed, Sloth, Gluttony, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. 

It’s an amazing coincidence that the very same seven embody the mission of today’s Democratic Party. That undeclared link reveals why being a conservative and registered Democrat feels increasingly icky. That Ronald Reagan figured out that incompatibility 50 years ago reveals us as slow, not necessarily stupid.

How about a quick analysis of this “sinful” partnership?



Let’s start with an easy one. Every nameable source of sexual immorality finds a safe haven under the Donkey’s gable. Be it abortion, gender swapping, free birth-control, condoms access in public schools or local topless exhibitionism in downtown parks, Democrats are in the background making or letting it happen.



Easy again. The Democratic Party feeds greed at both ends of the scale. Party funding comes through accrediting the exploitations of crony capitalists. Votes are secured by supporting minorities, government unions and the poor with license to rob us too. Greed’s a factor anytime anyone seeks to take from the labors of another while avoiding their own accountabilities. They call it “progressive,” but it’s really just old-time socialism.



Democratic politicians understand the gold standard for voter loyalty – the promise of something for nothing. For the same reason it is easier to walk downhill than climb, most humans embrace the seductive notion of acquisition without skin in the game. Review Donkey promises and practices and you’ll find them always helping people sit down versus stand up.  



A glutton likes to eat anything and everything – including other people’s property. Democrat politicians recognize that a quick way to make a friend is to embrace the fantasies of those whose eyes are bigger than their tummies. If you keep men hungry for more and make them believe you have the key to the cupboard, you can purchase their devotion. That you will starve the dignity, hope and future of your minions is of no apparent concern.



Notice how our country keeps getting angrier and angrier? Much of that malice comes from a growing sense of powerlessness. As America’s systems of governance, finance, religion, education, healthcare and industry are being deconstructed; our sense of control over our own destiny is fading. The Democratic Party extends power by feeding fears and blowing on animosities.  



The Bible tells us a house divided will surely fall. Hastening the toppling is a top priority for the Democratic Party. 

Note how consistently their commentary pits one group against another – black against white, poor against rich, women against men, and on and on. Democrats miss no opportunity to highlight our differences and then falsely portray their party as unifiers. You may recall how Obama’s pre-election talk was all about harmony – his walk has been consistently in the opposite direction. His self-described action list for his remaining time in office begins with an “F” and “rhymes with bucket.” Get it?



Watch liberal commentators up against a competent conservative debater. The minute the left starts losing, they fall back on character assignation, question dodging, distractions, anger and arrogance. That’s false pride and it serves one purpose – to prop up a weak, dishonest or dysfunctional position. Artificial donkey pride predicts their self-destruction for the same reason overeating predicts obesity.



Never underestimate the selfishness of those programmed to step over reason for the seductions of comfort. That sums up the way the Democratic Party feeds its appetites for control. If you don’t like the idea of training people to be self-serving, you might want to reconsider affiliation with a political entity dedicated to such. 

Regardless of one’s party affiliation, a periodic look at platform and principles is important. If you don’t agree with 80 perccent of those positions, you’re saddled to the wrong horse. Perfection isn’t possible, but we should find more smiles than frowns in party actions. Conservative minded Democrats are trying to stand on a shrinking bar of soap.  

The Republican Party is certainly not perfect. Opportunistic leaders are notorious for countering the manipulative ‘stand for everything’ left with a weak “stand for nothing” right. In the absence of a party of conviction more and more voters are simply going for the party promising the most goodies. Until Republicans start behaving like a compass instead of a wind vane, Democrats will continue to win that fight every time.  

A final observation centers on nature’s truths. Except in the self-deceiving minds of men, nowhere do we see entitlement, victimization, responsibility avoidance, and postponement as predictors of a good future. Yet these remain the steadfast message of the left.

If you like the idea of America as a hyper-regulated bureaucratic welfare state, you should certainly remain loyal to the party defined by that mission. But please note that ultimately our form of governance boils down to just two options – a big government controlled by a few small minds or a small government controlled by a lot of big minds....


Tip of the Month

Lately there’s been a rush of Hollywood luminaries bemoaning America’s army of “gun nuts.” The facts and that these celebrity activists operate out of ground zero for nuttiness warrants an Oscar for silliness. Conservative thinkers are well-advised to resist this left-minded assault on our right to self-protect.

 Antigun campaigners love to cherry-pick statistics – including a favored reference to the much smaller number of firearm deaths in the U.K. versus U.S. That Britain’s violent crime rate is four times ours is conveniently ignored. As is the reality guns in America are used 80 times more often to prevent injury than to produce it.

 That’s the key failed point of the antigun guys – weapons are about protection – not mayhem. Proof is found not only in the U.K. but right here at home. Cities where gun rights are infringed are far more likely to experience violent crime than where gun rights are upheld. Chicago and D.C. are standout examples.

 Think the police can protect you? You might ponder the fact that in this country 2.5 times more criminals are killed each year by armed citizens than by all our police officers.

 Concerned about mass shootings? You should be, but note that with one exception every such event in the U.S. over the past 60 years has taken place in a gun-free zone. In spite of disarming most of its citizens, half of the worst school shootings have gone down in the Eurozone.

 Colonel Colt was right in suggesting guns are a great equalizer when the weakest are up against strength and an impaired conscience.  Each year in America, 200,000 women protect themselves from sexual assault and other harms through the judicious use of a firearm. 

 Our country remains one of the very few in the world that has the right to bear arms built into its guiding Constitution. There’s wisdom in law abiding citizens insisting personal and family safety rests first and foremost in their own hands. The nuttiness is found in those who earn their living flooding the world with violent movies, video games and music and then pretend they’re not programming that creepiness into unwitting lizard brains.

 Thanks for spending a few minutes with a candid conservative!


Carl Mumpower is a former member of Asheville City Council.

The Daily Planet’s Opinion: June 2015
Sunday, 07 June 2015 16:58

Smoking puts WWC under cloud

Warren Wilson College in nearby Swannanoa deservedly continues to win national collegiate awards for its environment-related efforts to maintain a gorgeous campus that operates in as “green” a way as possible. 

The college’s reputation is a source of pride among residents throughout Western North Carolina.

However, there is a certain irony in the recent revelation that WWC has one of the highest rates of tobacco use of any American college.

WWC’s deadly tradition can be easily observed by anyone wandering around the campus and noticing large numbers of students puffing away in the college’s smoking huts, on the bridge across the road, on the hiking trails and along the walkways.

A project by WWC student Katie Pannier presented last year to the school’s board of trustees indicated that the “30-day tobacco-smoking prevalance at Warren Wilson College (40 percent) far surpasses the national average for full-time college students (12.5 percent) and college-aged nonstudents (25.9 percent).” Further, Pannier recommended that the board provide a supportive environment for new students who want to quit smoking.

Of course, WWC officials have made efforts over the past decade to reduce student tobacco use and exposure on campus, but the students have successfully resisted.

Given tobacco’s well-documented harmful effects, WWC should finally extinguish its tobacco-friendly culture by making its campus tobacco-free and providing tobacco-cessation services. And WWC’s activists should fight Big Tobacco.



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