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The Daily Planet’s Opinion: May 2016
Thursday, 07 April 2016 22:58

Buncombe voters rock!

Congratulations to Buncombe County voters for exercising their duty as responsible citizens in a constitutional republic by setting record high numbers — at least in recent years — for turnout in the March 15 primary.

Indeed, Buncombe’s turnout percentage topped all of the other large population counties in North Carolina, include Mecklenburg, Wake and Guilford.

Participating in the primary were 77,872 of 186,159 registered voters in Asheville, other municipalities and unincorporated parts of Buncombe. The aforementioned turnout total includes those who cast ballots during the early-voting period, as well as those who voted on the day of the primary.

Buncombe’s turnout total translates a turnout of 42 percent — a record high for presidential primary years, dating back at least a decade, records show.

“I haven’t seen a year that compares to this,” Buncombe Election Services Director Trena Parker said afterward. “Passions were high, put it that way.”

Indeed, by turning out in such numbers for the primary, Buncombe voters showed they not only care about what’s going on, but that they back up their passion with the all-important corollary component — action.
The Candid Conservative: Confessions of a right-wing extremist
Thursday, 07 April 2016 22:54

“Liberalism is financed by the dividends from Conservatism.” 

— Craig Bruce


The Problem

The other day I received an angry note from a GOP stalwart. It seems we “right-wing extremists” are hurting her Republican Party. She’s absolutely correct on one count. I am most definitely a right-wing extremist. Sharing the why and how might be fun.

A Ph.D in Reality 101

 I was born to a sailor with a fondness for gambling, alcohol and anger and a mother with an affection for anger, intrigue and herself. That’s not an easy beginning, but I remain grateful. The 5th Commandment means what it says. Besides, living in all that chaos provided a crash course in how the real world works.

 For example, I learned there’s no such thing as a fairy godmother that would rescue me from harm or bad choices. It was just a small leap to understanding government benevolence is just a repackaged version of the fairy godmother fantasy.

 Childhood inoculated me on the fact my earthly destiny was in my hands. I didn’t know how to pick it up, but I recognized I had to. My dad’s creativity and great work ethic helped – as did my mom’s curiosity and class.  Though she left the stage when I was 3, the impact lingered.

 Going to 12 schools before graduation was tough – hard to find traction amidst so much transition. Perhaps that’s why I joined the service right after high school and subsequently volunteered for America’s latest foreign entanglement. It was a chance to test my courage button, be a player in the events of my time, and find my place on the planet. That formula worked perfectly.

 Vietnam was the best thing that ever happened to me. Contrary to popular lore, for survivors, it was the best thing that happened to most of us. We grew up and learned to be real men there – and brought that maturity home. Most veterans of today’s wars – though programmed to think of themselves as victims – are doing exactly the same thing.

 Somewhere I figured out that education was one of the few things that no one could take away. Fourteen months after I first stumbled by the front stoop of the post education office, my bachelor’s degree was in hand. I think fondly of the chain smoking facilitator who kidnapped me into a future of hope.

 While working in the day and going to school at night, I completed two master’s degrees and my Ph.D. Those are blessed who find something they love and land there.  If it hadn’t been for earlier hardships, I wouldn’t have become a psychologist.

 I’ve been doing what I do for more than 35 years and retirement is the last thing on my mind. I get to help people translate their own hard knocks into something besides anger, entitlement, and permanent victim status – all of which are accelerating tracks to misery.

 I’m a right-wing extremist because I believe hard knocks can knock sense into us or knock us out. No matter what anyone tells you – it’s a choice.

I think the Bible is right

 Contrary to persisting efforts to twist the true meaning of the Bible, the sourcebook is conservative from cover to cover. Grounded in the 4 R’s of reality, reason, responsibility and right, the Bible strikes a perfect balance between loving your fellow man and being accountable.

 Liberals love to talk the love message – hate the accountability part. That’s because everything they champion – sexual immorality, pleasure over productivity, gender confusion, dependency, anger, victimization, and entitlement – are in direct opposition to God’s stated will.

 Right-wing extremists recognize that belief in the “big bang” or creationism equally involves a leap of faith. Christians find more trust in time-tested values than modern conjectures. Validation is cemented in the fact the ripples of the Judeo-Christian movement have elevated more people than any other force on earth. All other faiths fall dismally short in assisting the common man versus the rich, powerful, and connected.

Solomon was right 

Another argument for right wing extremism is that the wisest man on earth – Solomon – was one.

Toward the end of his life he figured out that most of man’s fascinations were hollow exercises in vanity. His take was that the only things that really matter are built on a firm relationship with God’s will and a subsequent dedication to laboring, learning, loving, and celebrating the gift of life. That’s about as good a summation of right wing extremism as you can find.

 Conservative principles make sense to me

 Conservatives – real ones – hold some really “extreme” values.

 We believe in uplifting versus enabling – and that though most men will exchange freedom for security, it’s a bad bargain.

We believe that liberty, opportunity, and responsibility work best as a team – and that to make a man dependent on government is the equivalent of adopting a puppy and chaining it to a doghouse.  

Right-wing extremists believe a strong defense is imperative, but that political entanglements in corrupt foreign lands make us less secure and kill our kids for political vanity.

We believe that our society’s two best social services are education and a job – but that today’s education system, top to bottom, has been corrupted into a marketing arm for liberal-progressive-socialism versus a resource for reason, maturity, and skills training on how to feed one’s self.

It’s my simple extremist take that that the left is corrupt for one simple reason – everything they sell is easy and easy isn’t how the real world works. Opportunistic conservatives have a tendency to step over their principles because they’re hard. Liberal-socialist-progressive principles – pandering, pretending, promising, and partying – are dependably hugged because they’re easy. 

I am a conservative because some of the other easiest things in the world to do are steal other people’s liberties, spend other people’s money, and promise other people something for nothing. You know – the very things that most liberal-progressive-socialists naively cuddle.  

 I’m openly conservative because I see through the inconsistencies and deceptions of the left.

 How do these folks tout gun control while they put 55 million children to eternal rest? How does liberalized Hollywood decry violence and at the same time – with cigarette industry hutzpah – pound it into the lizard brain of every kid in America? How does the left champion free-range bathroom access, same-sex marriage, and gender swapping as public policy and claim to put children first? How does the left simultaneously push the wisdom of racial integration and the segregating harms of the American Indian and Federal public housing reservation systems?

 I am a right-wing extremist because the people who founded America were too. As a matter of fact, until the past few decades, most everyone in America operated out of right-wing extremist values. 

Based on success records, if we’re giving out stupid awards, Baby Boomer liberals would win hands down over the Greatest Generation’s right-wingers.  


Just say no

 Karl Marx once famously described religion as “the opiate of the masses.” He wasn’t being clever – just attacking the competition. His wanted to be mankind’s drug of choice.

 Karl would be happy with today’s version of America. His principles are being brought to life with alarming speed. Saying “no” and slowing the slide gives this right-wing extremist a warm fuzzy feeling.

 Drugs – be they governmental fantasies or substances – are at best temporary sources of escape. I remain a right-wing extremist because I understand that my destiny rests best in reality and my own hands. I understand that corals are never built for the benefit of the occupants….     

Carl Mumpower is a former elected official. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . 



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