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The Daily Planet's Opinion: November 2016
Saturday, 05 November 2016 12:03

Asheville area proves to be big political draw

Asheville is not a particularly large city in comparison to many others in the United States, but it certainly is the political, business, communications and cultural hub of Western North Carolina — and it has been amazing how it has drawn top candidates in the United States’ presidential race to the city and a few surrounding communities.

The general election will be held Nov. 8, pitting Democrat Hillary Clinton against Republican Donald J. Trump, along with a number of third-party hopefuls. 

Among those visiting Asheville (pop. 87,236) and the area — all visiting twice — have been Trump, GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence and Democratic nominee Tim Kaine. The only major candidate not to visit here to campaign has been Clinton, although her daughter Chelsea did put in an appearance. Trump’s son, Donald Jr., also has visited.

Of course, North Carolina is considered a key swing state in the election — and Western North Carolina features ultra-liberal and solidly Democratic Asheville along with more conservative and Republican-leaning adjoining mountain counties, so it is an area that could be considered a toss-up, politically, thereby drawing the prolific campaign visits.

We are pleased that Asheville and the area are getting the attention of potential future leaders of the country — not to mention free publicity for the city from the news media that often is very complimentary .
The Candid Conservative: Don’t let the nonsense get you down
Saturday, 05 November 2016 11:57
Special to the Daily Planet

But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.

—  2 Timothy 3:13


The problem

By the time you read this, America will have elected a new president. We’re in trouble no matter who wins. This election necessitated that we all vote beneath our sensibilities.

Or did we? The really scary thing is we just got what we earned. If our leaders are incompetent fools, liars or cheats it’s because fools, liars or cheats put them there. Whoops.

If that be the case, and the world is going to get even crazier, what’s a patriotic, value-driven, realistic and responsible adult supposed to do? Glad you asked. Here’s 10 suggestions.

Stay positive

Please note that no matter how foolish our world gets, the good far outweighs the bad. Nowhere is that more true than in America.

Without conscious effort, we’re thus prone to take the good for granted and concentrate on the bad. Thinking bad makes you feel bad even when you’re living good.

Most people in America are living very good.

Watch out for fear and worry

Did you know these are the two most referenced sins in the Bible? That’s because God knew we’d be faced with these two temptresses more than all others combined.

Fear and worry are “backdoor sins.” When the forces of darkness can’t capture us through the seven deadlies, they sneak up behind us

Fear and worry are an easy sale – and highly addictive. That’s because fear and worry provide an artificial sense of control. That’s the psychological equivalent of making a wish as you toss a coin in a fountain. Soothing is different than helpful.

 Fact is we have very little control in this world. Our best shot is to concentrating on growing and controlling ourselves and giving the rest to God. The more we focus on self-control, the less we worry about the rest.

Resist victimization and entitlement

 Our current crop of politicians knows the key to our hearts and minds – the promise of something for nothing. Every party thrives on that seductive message and we reliably vote accordingly.   

 Nothing says something for nothing better than painting people as a victim, entitled, or both. The Clintons represent the perfected state of this art. Listen to every speech they give – regardless of the audience – and they sell both of these deceptions every time.

 A sad case is point is what we’re doing with our veterans. Bless them all for their sacrifices, but have you noticed how many are playing the victim and entitlement cards? When our warriors start behaving like camouflaged welfare mothers our culture is in trouble.

Nature doesn’t buy the victim and entitlement scam. Her message is that life is hard, you get what you earn, and you have to conquer your hardships. Listen to her.


Feed and protect your own

If we’re to be a contributing part of the human experience, building a bunker and crawling in is not an option. Being realistic about the fragile state of the human condition and preparing for challenging possibilities might be. That mission begins with establishing the means to protecting and feeding you and yours.

Grandad’s old hunting guns were made for rabbits and squirrels, not people. They’ll work, but if our world gets frantic it’s best to be armed with modern options. That means high-capacity pistols, shotguns or rifles – or, better yet, all three. These resources should be rounded out with adequate ammunition and training on how to put them to proper use. 

There are lots of arguments on how much food one should keep on hand and it’s mostly an individual call.  As a minimum, a three-month supply adequate to the nutritional needs of everyone under your charge makes sense. If you’ve got the cash for more, give it some thought. The local grocery will hollow out quickly if anything interrupts our food chain and real hunger is no fun.


Boycott the bad guys 

There are a lot of self-deceiving people operating in today’s America. The sensibility of HB-2 unveiled a parade of antagonists willing to use blackmail to achieve their idea of positive social change. When did having male parts in female bathrooms become anyone’s idea of making the world a better place?

Counteraction is appropriate. Somewhere between being a lazy Facebook warrior and joining a black ops militia group lies prudence. Boycotting activities, businesses, manufacturers and entertainment resources that insist on things contrary to your core values represents a mature point of action.

Hollywood, Wall Street, colleges and universities, politicians and most charities are dependent on the monies of conservative minded individuals. If you want to get their attention – and impair the progressive-liberal-socialist takeover of America  — stop giving them your money.


Ignore the chatter and hysteria

In 21st century America, everyone’s got an opinion and everyone thinks they deserve an audience. You need not participate.    

Here are a few simple filters for what to absorb and what to discard. Anything being sold as cheap, easy and plentiful is a lie. Anything built on robbing Peter to pay Paul is a scam. Anything that suggests opportunity without responsibility is a deception. Anything that sidesteps the laws of nature and touts the things of man is a Ponzi scheme.  Anything that calls on you to grow, learn, step-up, look up, or live with courage and conviction is good.


Count for something

The number one agenda of an increasing number of Americans is looking out for number one. That’s a problem in too many ways to count — including the inevitable corruption of mind, body, heart and spirit that develops out of self-absorption. 

Our Founding Fathers created a system of governance requiring a citizenry devoted to something bigger than filling their own rice bowl. Too many have lost sight of that vision, and – minus a corrective disaster – that trend does not seem reversible.

As individuals we remain free to stand for something. We should chose that something carefully. If you do, note your connection to the firefly – the darker the night, the brighter its light. 


Remember who’s in charge

Speaking of corrective disaster, take heart in knowing we live on a self-corrective planet. Bad guys, bad things, bad events and bad times will come along, but they do not get to stay for long.  

God created nature and nature is relentless in re-establishing balance. If you doubt it, skip mowing your grass for a season and watch how quickly the seeds of a new forest take root.

As regards the political scene, extremes breed extremes and the liberal extremists of today are facing a reality check of their own making.



The left is self-destructing 

Yep, though they don’t know it yet, the seeds for the demise of the progressive-liberal-socialist movement are already in place. Here are the cliff notes. 

Having relied on the promise of something for nothing to secure political power, they have created expectations that can never be fulfilled. Watch how quickly their minion’s loyalties fade when the promises fall flat.

It’s called a hostile-dependency relationship and the end game is unquenchably angry and destructive participants.  On their way over the cliff they will pull others along. Do what you can to make sure you’re not on the list.


Remember Solomon 

The smartest man in history believed in the K.I.S.S. formula. His take was that in a hard world it was wise to live in God’s will as a protection from man’s nonsense. His simple plan – concentrate on the 4 L’s of loving, learning, laboring and celebrating the gift of life.

It’s in these four that we find the best insulations from a world going bad. We can’t hide from the darkness; we can be so busy generating light that the darkness loses its power.


Anything else?

May I offer one more piece of advice? Instead of bemoaning the fact the world is getting nuttier – work to make sure you’re not. Then celebrate the courage, character, and conviction that come with that noble mission....

Thanks for spending a few minutes with a candid conservative!


 Carl Mumpower is a psychologist and former elected official. He invites you to reach him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .




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