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The Daily Planet's Opinion: January 2017
Monday, 02 January 2017 12:24

City’s water win? We’ll drink to that

State Supreme Court justices voted 5-2 last month to strike down the 2013 law that would have transferred ownership of Asheville’s water system from the city to the Metropolitan Sewerage District, had it not been tied up in litigation.

The key issue was whether the bill was a local act or a general act, with the court writing that “the legislation is, without doubt, a local rather than a general law.” Therefore, to the relief of many in Asheville, the transfer was overturned.

The system “has been built and maintained... using a combination of taxes, service fees, connection charges, bonded indebtedness, federal and state grants, contributions from Buncombe County and donations from property owners and developers,” justice Sam Ervin wrote.

Asheville Mayor Esther Manheimer said afterward, “This ruling ensures that Asheville can continue to own this great water system and continue to provide safe drinking water for years into the future.” 

We are elated that justice triumphed over legislative meddling in local affairs.

The Candid Conservative: It’s time to climb out of the ditches
Monday, 02 January 2017 12:11
Special to the Daily Planet

“Liberalism is totalitarianism with a human face.

— Thomas Sowell

 The Problem

The church of my baptism has a new minister. His arrival is timely. The banes of most modern Christian sanctuaries — ritual, performance and political correctness – have too long held sway over joy.

That says something – the authentic pursuit of God’s will is not a downer. 

 A new minister renews hope and this gentleman is no exception. His efforts to preach out of the Bible; speak to God’s balanced call toward love and responsibility; and push for spiritually directed action are clearly evident.

 Please don’t tell anyone in my congregation, but I just left a service that was an exception. That old ritual and performance agenda was back in charge. Worse, our new minister embraced the temptation of liberal political correctness and gave what amounted to a “guns are bad – peace is good” political lecture. 

 Oh well, nobody’s perfect. Besides, when assessing the mark of mortals – ministers included – it’s best to react to patterns versus isolated instances. 

 Still, this particular sermon prompted an observation – we have reached the apex of liberal extravagance and it is time to climb out of the ditches and get back on the road to reason.  

I’m here to help.


Bombs and guns are good

Mind if I may pick on my good minister’s liberal lapse for another moment?

It was his take that things like bombs and guns are useful only for the purpose of killing people. Therefore, we should devote our energy to buying shovels and hoes to grow food so as to perhaps reduce the raw material available for bombs and guns.

I like garden utensils and the idea of growing food or paying someone else to. I also like bombs and guns.

Having participated in a war in my youth, I hold a poorly constrained aversion to politicians or countries that use bombs and guns for vanity pursuits, power acquisition and empire building.

I very much like bombs and guns that stop bad guys from fulfilling those agendas. Reality affirms that bombs and guns are like shovels and hoes – they can be used to good purpose or for hitting someone.

Note to my minister – guns are used far more often to prevent mayhem than to cause it. Ask any peace officer about how often his or her safety and that of others is supported by a holstered weapon.

In between the ditches of shooting or blowing everybody up and converting our nuclear arsenal to plows is a reasoned place. It suggests that in a bedeviled world being able to protect yourself, your family, and your country is a smart play.

God wants us to live in the real world. Liberals want us to live in their fantasy world. It follows that God’s house is a wrong place to sell fantasies.


Liberals favor yellow

This is the month our new president is sworn in. Conservative culturists have been waiting for eight long years to have an adult leader as commander in chief. It’s our turn.

According to the mainstream media and professional pollsters, the new guy was supposed to be a girl. Unfortunately, these two forces spent so much time generating propaganda to suit their agenda; they missed the fact that a bunch of us had changed channels.

Many of those answering the poll and media questions recognized it all as a disingenuous scam and responded in kind. Many more just skipped the game. Thus the surveys landed on what the pollsters and media shysters wanted to hear – not what was factual.

Most of America’s 21st century journalists operate out of a discredited model dating back to the turn of the last century. “Yellow Journalism” was the phrase coined to describe the manipulations of Randolph Hurst and other media giants who would recognize their touch on today’s media outlets. Yellow represented the color newspapers turned after exposure to the light of day – it was used to reflect agenda driven propaganda marketed as news and written by conmen masquerading as journalists. Welcome to the 19th century America.

In the recent election America’s majority looked deeper and took red, white, and blue over yellow. The left-minded are still in a state of befuddlement.  




Time to stop pretending liberals aren't control freaks

It’s hard to see things clearly when you’re living in a ditch. Allowances are due to those who’ve so long ignored the fact modern liberalism isn’t about progress and advancement – it’s about power. That conclusion is easily validated by their methods.

 Unless it pertains to one of the seven deadly sins, liberals love to micromanage. They equate the word “regulate” with the word “progress” and view the former as the means to the latter. Any of you guys ever use a dictionary? Constriction and progress aren’t synonyms.

Then there’s the left’s reaction to opposition. It’s not a simple, “I disagree” or “I have a different view” – it’s a “You’re a dumb, idiotic, stupid person!” or “I hate you and hope you die!” Really – that’s how people on the left feel they can make the world a better place?

Final demonstration comes in liberalism’s inability to count higher than two. Their public policy perspective is guided by good-bad, right-wrong, and win-lose perspective. Per these approaches to conflict, liberals are stuck with Option A and B – their way or the highway.

If you guys on the left are unwilling to pick up a dictionary, perhaps you’d consider an Internet search of the words “spouse” and “abuser.” Therein you will find such common control techniques as the shaming, blaming, degrading, scaring and confusing your victim – all done in the name of control. Hate to bust up the party, but that’s your playlist.  


Liberals are lost in their own feedback loop

Isn’t it ironic that the movement pretending to be about diversity has an apoplectic loathing for diversity of thought? Don’t believe it? Try introducing a conservative view into any – I repeat any – social conversation within Asheville’s city limits.

The outcome of dogmatism is a homogenous dullness that sees and hears only what it wants to see and hear. The left demonstrates it’s possible to be blind, deaf, and smug at the same time. How’s that for a dynamic success equation?

The problem with living in your own world is that the rest of the real world is busy growing up in reality. In the long haul, reality will Trump (pun intended) fantasy – every time.

George Patton once said something like, “If everybody is thinking alike, somebody isn’t thinking.” The left isn’t going to heed that kind of enlightenment, but you and I can.




Begin the New Year with new thinking 

The liberal-progressive-socialism movement owes its 21st century success to gravity – it’s easier to walk down than climb up. Look closely at their policies and you will always find the appeal of the downhill run. Sadly, that makes liberalism magnetically appealing to the naive and needy.

In contrast, when the game is political seduction, conservatism is disadvantaged because moving’ on up requires risks, energy, and perseverance. It’s easier to go with the guys promising the most goodies and the least accountability.

In an unfair fight, conservatives cannot afford paralysis by political correctness. Our passivity has made it OK for media outlets to practice propaganda journalism; leadership to practice propaganda politics; and even ministers to practice propaganda preaching. Truth, reason, justice, normalcy, accountability and productivity have been sacrificed in this unholy exchange.

If you’re a liberal, you might want to ponder the difference in a liberated mind and a regulated mind. The latter is George Orwell’s idea of a nightmare.

If you’re a conservative, dial down hostility as you turn up engagement. Look to liberals for a model of how anger is a terrible substitute for meaningful action.

Remember – there is no inevitable outcome for America. The side with the most enthusiastic culture warriors wins. To the extent that conservative thinkers are defined by a stellar dedication to reality, reason, responsibility, respect and right – it’s an easy fight. If we recognize we’re in one.…   

Thanks for spending a few minutes with a candid conservative!


 Carl Mumpower is a psychologist and former elected official. He thanks you for spending a few minutes with a candid conservative and invites you to reach him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . 





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