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Buncombe sheriff unveils plan to seek a second term
Thursday, 16 September 2021 18:27

From Staff Reports

Buncombe County Sheriff Quentin E. Miller announced on Sept. 6 that he will be seeking a second term in office.

Miller, a Democrat, was elected to office in 2018 and is serving as the county’s first black sheriff. 

The sheriff said in a press release that he is running for re-election in order to “continue implementing 21st century policing principles.”

Since assuming his post, the sheriff’s office has “advocated for a series of criminal justice reforms, many of which were signed into law by Governor (Roy) Cooper last week,” Miller said.

He listed the reforms as follows:

• HB 436 — Support Law Enforcement Mental Health

• HB 536 — Law Enforcement Duty to Intervene

• SB 300 — Criminal Justice Reform

During his term as sheriff ,Miller touted having implemented a major expansion of the drug treatment program, the Medication Assisted Treatment at the Buncombe County Detention Facility with the support of county commissioners and state health officials.

“I’m proud to have a dedicated and hard-working team working within our Detention Facility to help make a difference with the opioid crisis,” Miller said in his release. 

“We’ve tried to arrest our way out of the drug epidemic for decades and it hasn’t worked. There must be consequences for people’s actions, but part of our solution has to be providing people access to medication and treatment. We must offer people a chance to get themselves to a better place and programs like MAT are proven to reduce recidivism.”

Several other policies set in place by Miller included an announcement made in February 2019, when Miller said he would not honor ICE Detainers without a valid warrant. 

He also added security measures at the Buncombe County Detention Center.

What’s more, Miller released the following statement in a press release about his experience in office over the past several years:

“I have learned a tremendous amount during the nearly three years I have been in office as sheriff. 

“I continue to learn every day at this job and I want to build upon what we have accomplished so far. I

“f I am honest, it has been a difficult three years. 

“The death of Mr. Floyd brought forth many ugly truths about some law enforcement officers who do not serve the communities they police. 

“COVID caught everyone off guard and has upended almost everything that we do. 

“Despite those challenges, I believe we have made progress in reforming our criminal justice system and I am especially proud of the efforts Buncombe County is making to tackle the opioid epidemic. 

“I believe the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office is the premier law enforcement agency in Western North Carolina and I hope our community will allow me a 2nd term to continue this work.”





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