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Attempted ‘Autonomous Zone’ in Asheville demolished immediately: Protesters (reportedly) say they may try, again
Wednesday, 01 July 2020 22:49

From Staff Reports 

A group of people attempted to create an autonomous zone in the area under the I-240 bridge on North Lexington Avenue in downtown Asheville on the night of June 12, but police nipped the effort in the bud.

With the autonomous zone in Seattle getting so much attention, other attempts are cropping up across the United States

According to in a June 13 story, “One person on Reddit shared a post about it with a photo, writing that the attempt was being made on Lexington Street” in downtown Asheville.

“Someone else commented just an hour later that traffic was already moving along, again. From the comments, it appeared that the attempt only lasted a couple of hours at the most.

“One person wrote: ‘There were still some people milling around last I checked, but they were all off the roads.’

“Another person wrote just a couple of hours after the story was posted: ‘It’s pretty much just cops there as of 10 mins ago, they tore down barriers, no arrests.’” also reported, “On Twitter, Birdie Gregson tweeted about the attempt, first writing: ‘Autonomous zone going up in Asheville NC. People are needed now! Please share this if you can’t be here. Supplies also needed. Lexington is the road, right under 240. Look for the flashing police lights.’

“Gregson later updated a couple of hours later with a tweet that stated: ‘Update on #Asheville autonomous zone. Every cop in Asheville showed up, proving they have nothing better to do on a Friday night. Tore down barricade. As of 11pm est, <100 demonstrators remaining. Need more people & support. Many will be back tmrw. This is only the beginning.’” concluded, “So it’s possible Asheville’s attempt isn’t over, but it’s not clear.”

Meanwhile, the conservative’s Sister Toldjah, in a June 13 commentary headlined “How It’s Done: Asheville, NC Protesters Attempt an Autonomous Zone, Police Immediately Dismantle It (Watch), wrote the following:

 “The attempts in Nashville and Chicago by protesters to set up ‘autonomous zones’ similar to the one that was set up in Seattle in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd have not gone so well. The situation Friday night (June 12) in Asheville, North Carolina, was no different. Except in this case, we have videos of the police department actually dismantling the encampment not long after occupiers in the area attempted to set it up. …

“Asheville is known as the ‘Seattle’ of North Carolina, with Raleigh not being far behind. But unlike Seattle, Asheville police officers do not mess around in these matters, as evidenced by what took place last night.”

The commentary concluded by stating, “Good for the Asheville Police Department for establishing order by breaking up a so-called ‘autonomous zone.’ We are a nation of laws.”

Meanwhile, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, R-Raleigh, who is running for governor against Democrat incumbent Roy Cooper, stated the following — about the attempted autonomous zone in Asheville — in a June 14 website posting:

“Good for the Asheville Police Department for establishing order by breaking up a so-called ‘autonomous zone.’ We are a nation of laws.”



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