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New data revives battle with the EPA, Asheville man says
Monday, 16 July 2012 16:49

From Staff Reports

 FLETCHER— Larry Keller of Asheville provided the Asheville Tea Party with an update on his ongoing battle with the Environmental Protection Agency during the group’s weekly Tea Time meeting on June 25 at the Lone Star Restaurant.

In describing himself as “not one to sit back and watch or let this story die,” Keller noted, “I have an interesting update that will breathe new life in a saga that the EPA preferred to become a piece of history — not gonna happen.”

Specifically, Keller in a write-up stated, “I met with the police chief (William Anderson) of the Asheville Police Department this week (late June) for the purpose of getting the name(s) of an EPA representative that allegedly visited the APD after their visit with me on May 2.

“Interestingly, I came away with two pieces of evidence that portray this agency as another police force in our midst in the guise of protecting us from all the horrible things in the environment.”

To that end, Keller listed the following:

• “I have the tape-recorded call from EPA Special Agent Michael Woods on May 1, requesting assistance for the investigation of Larry Keller who ‘threatened an EPA Regional Administrator’ — and that is a quote. He goes on to say that they are not sure if there will be violence. Folks ... I do own a sling shot and I am rather good with it, but my brain and my writing are my weapons.

• “I now have evidence that a second EPA representative conferred with the APD on May 31 to discuss the visit to my house (in North Asheville) on May 2. This agent was based in D.C. and flew to Asheville to CYA, as I had registered a complaint with the EPA.”

Further, Keller wrote, “So this writer has been characterized as ‘belligerent’ ... a ‘suspect’ and now he threatened an EPA employee. I am in touch with (Sen.) Richard Burr’s office, so he can use what influence he has with the EPA. I will not wait a long time to break this story. Trust me — I have the tape from APD now, stored in four different places ... a tape they will regret.”

Prior to his address to the ATP, Chairwoman Jane Blevins introduced him “as a real hero and champion of our rights.”

Keller noted that his problems began when he read comments on the nation’s energy policy by Dr. Bill Gray of the EPA. Keller said he wanted to challenge Gray’s stance and sent the EPA an e-mail asking that it send Gray’s e-mail address to him.

“I sent it on a Thursday or Friday — and on Monday or Tuesday, my doorbell rings,” at which point Keller said he was greeted by “the biggest policeman I ever saw,” as well as two other men who said they were EPA agents. Keller described the policeman as about 6-foot-8.

“I let them in the house. I said, ‘So guys, what do you want?’”

Among their first questions, he said, was: “Do you run a business out of your home?”

“I said my website shows I run a computer-consulting business out of my home,” Keller said.

“Agent Woods asked, ‘Have you ever sent any e-mails to anyone at the EPA?’

“I said, ‘No, I haven’t,” Keller noted. After thinking further, the Asheville man said he then amended his statement, saying he sent an e-mail asking for Gray’s e-mail address.

“Agent Woods pulled out an e-mail and asked if I sent it,” to which Keller said he replied, “Yes.” He added that the agents’ questions seemed like “a cat-and-mouse game.”

“Agent Woods said ... the e-mail you sent, don’t you think this is suspicious?”

“No,” Keller said he replied. “The truth is, I disagreed with this guy on energy policy ....”

The other agent, Keller reported, then asked him, “Have you ever been arrested?”

At that point, Keller said he was truly irked — and said, “Where’d you guys travel from? I want your business cards.”

They said they had driven from Raleigh — and that they did not have business cards with them, Keller noted.

As his wife arrived home, Keller asked them to stay, thinking his wife could serve as corroboration. However, he said that, soon, “they went down the back staircase, unlike how the came in” the front door.

“That was the incident,” he asserted. “That’s what took place. It was probably 20 to 22 minutes.” Keller said he and his wife then sat down and immediately tape-recorded their memories of the incident.



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