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Strange incidents reported in land of Dracula
Wednesday, 20 June 2012 16:31

Paranormal investigator survives macabre attacks; cites corroboration


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Asheville paranormal investigator Shelley Wright recently returned from the “Dracula 2012 Paranormal Expedition” to Transylvania in Romania — and she says she had two eery experiences while she was visiting the land of Dracula.

The May 19-28 trip was sponsored by Joshua P. Warren’s “Speaking of Strange” radio program on WWNC-AM (570) in Asheville and Dave Schrader’s KTLK-FM’s DarknessRadio in Minneapolis, Minn. Thirty-two people signed up for the trip, with contingents from both radio hosts’ areas. Both Warren and Schrader are major figures in the paranormal field.

Wright, along with Patricia Dement, both studied under Warren, from whom they received their certifications as paranormal investigators.

In general, Wright said she was pleased that her fellow travelers were “fairly serious” about paranormal studies and “came from all walks of life. It was really fun. There was a wonderful group dynamic.” 


However, early in the trip, on May 21, Wright said she was one of two people who “got choked in one of the rooms” during a visit to Bran Castle.


This group photo — of women jokingly called “the brides of Dracula” — was shot inside inside Hunedora Castle, where Vlad the Impaler reportedly was held prisoner. From left are paranormal investigators Shelley Wright, Patricia Dement — and a fellow traveler known merely as “Andrea the Canadian.” 



As she walked into the Queen Anne sitting room, Wright told the Daily Planet in a June 3 interview, “Suddenly, all of the air went out of the room. I felt like I was being choked or strangled. I can still feel the thumbs pressing against my windpipe. All of the air was sucked out of the room.

”The sensation was over quickly, she said, and as Wright explained to the others what she had felt, another woman in the group, Shelby Record, said the same thing had happened to her.

As for why she supposed such an experience would happen, Wright replied, “Maybe whatever was there didn’t want us there.”

Still, she said, “That was cool because both of my experiences were corroborated” by others.

A few days later, the second strange experience happened to her and Dement, whom Wright nicknamed “Demented Patty.

They were staying in “a very old hotel, but a beautiful place,” the Casa Wagner, in Sighisoara. That evening, the group dined at a nearby restaurant, when Dement said she was not feeling well and returned to their hotel room.

“I came back three or four hours laters — and the room was dark. And I realized it was awfully cold in there ... I got into bed, lay down, got under the covers and, all of a sudden, a ball of blackness came down at her from the ceiling— it just kind of seemed to shift ... and got bigger toward the bottom, as if to envelope me.” However, at the last moment, she sat up to keep it from covering her — and it disappeared. “I keep looking for it, but I didn’t see it,” Wright said.

“I gave a yelp or scream, and I was breathing heavily,” awakening Dement, who asked Wright what was wrong. With the room still dark, she told Dement what had happened to her. To Wright’s surprise, Dement told her that earlier in the evening, when she was alone in the room, she felt that something was watching her from the ceiling.

Dement also told her that, when Wright walked into the room, it suddenly got colder, “even after we closed the windows,” Wright recounted. She said it got so cold in the room that each woman grabbed her investigative equipment and asked questions aloud, such as “Is anyone there?” She said they did not hear any answers — and that they had their tape-recording equipment operating.

They did hear what sounded like little pebbles or marbles being thrown against the walls.“I think it was paranormal,” Wright said of her second experience. “I don’t know what the motivation was for the thing coming down at me ....

“I don’t know if my sitting up made it dissipate.

So did Wright think the apparition tried to attack her because she was female?

“Maybe,” she replied. “If I had to choose, I’d say it was male. It seemed like it was male ... it had that certain aggressiveness about it.”

Later, “We found out there’d been a 5-point-something earthquake. Joshua (Warren) said earthquakes tend to intensify paranormal activity.” Wright said, 



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