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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the editor: July 2019
Monday, 01 July 2019 23:21

Contrary to columnist’s view, Trump's a terrific president

t never ceases to amaze me that many people, Mr. (Lee) Ballard (a Daily Planet columnist) included, seem to think that Presidenrt Trump is a bad president, in spite of all the wonderful accomplishments under his administration. To name just a few:

1) He got a law passed allowing desperately ill people to try experimental procedures in the hope of curing their illness. In the past, these same people would have to go to Mexico or Europe if they sought treatment that was not FDA approved.

2) He cut through the red tape for veterans seeking treatment at VA Hospitals. Now, intead of being put on a waiting list that could stretch for weeks or months, the veterans are allowed to seek care from private physicians, and the VA pays the bill.

3) He established strong relations with the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel, and moved our embassy to Jerusalem, something which had been promised by administrations since 1988, but which no other president had the courage to do.

4) He has presided over a strong economy, giving us the lowest unemployment in 50 years, and allowing all people, including women, African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians, to prosper in our vibrant economy. 

5) He took us out of the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, which would have freed up $150 billion of Iranian funds, while all the time Iran was chanting “Death to America” and burning our flag.

There is more, but the above is just a sampling of what President Trump has accompolished in less than 2-1/2 years. 

I’ll admit, he sometimes comes out with statements that some people find offensive, but I believe he is only expressing in public what politicians have long said in private. 

I hope and pray that we will give him another four years to complete his goals.

Mars Hill

Parcel sale raises question: RiverLink or ... River Inc.? 

Like many others who have donated money, land or time to RiverLink over the decades, I have labored under the assumption that the organization’s intent was to restore and preserve land fronting on the French Broad River. 

That’s the stated goal of the organization’s much-vaunted Wilma Dykeman Riverway Plan. 

We’ve been promised that our efforts would “connect a 17 mile greenway system along the French Broad and Swannanoa rivers.” 

But now RiverLink is selling off a parcel across the road from Cotton Mill Studios for commercial development. 

The scheme is evidently well advanced since the plans are headed for the City’s Technical Review Committee in less than two weeks. 

According to RiverLink founder Karen Cragnolin (now retired), the developers have also managed to avoid review by the Asheville Area Riverfront Redevelopment Commission, the official body tasked with evaluating commercial projects in the District. 

As a former member of that commission I am, frankly, disgusted.

I suppose, now that the city is spending multiple millions to redesign and upgrade that transportation corridor, the greenway and bike paths, the property is just too valuable to protect. I know I won’t be donating to RiverLink again.


Dems need to re-focus

So there are some 19 Democrats vying for President Donald Trump’s job as leader of the U.S. and the free world.

My advice to them is stop falling over each other, taking those tiresome pot-shots at him that have become downright boring and ineffective.

The Democrats would be wise to tell the American voters what exactly are their plans to preserve health care, Social Security, senior citizen benefits, education, veterans care, etc.

We all know these are vital issues that need solving as quickly as possible.The Democrats should get moving and choose a formidable candidate to face President Trump and the one weapon to defeat our lying, mean-tempered “leader” is TRUTH!

Get crackin’ Democrats! Time’s a wastin’! We need a man or woman who commands respect, not fear.  Most important election ever? YES!


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