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Affirmations, resolutions and things I just want to do
Tuesday, 02 January 2018 11:11
Special to the Daily Planet

It’s time to begin another year and just like The Fool card in Tarot, it means a brand new journey. Two thousand eighteen is all shiny and new.

It won’t be, of course, by the end of the year. But I think we need to take the dents and dings and scratches and see them for what they really are. They are proof of a life lived and not covered by plastic wrap. Maybe the point of the ending of a year is to look like we slid into it on our face. I know most of us at least feel road rash.

One of our favorite ways to close out the year and begin a new one is to make resolutions. I am not a resolutions person. They seem like they build you up to fail. I say, if you’re going to make a resolution, you should practice it first. It takes 21 days to make something a habit. Start 21 days before the new year and you already have something in the “win” column!

For me, 2018 is about honoring my innate senses more and practicing new ways to bring them out and use them to help my fellow human beings. This year will be filled with affirmations more than resolutions.

So, to that end, I thought I’d mention some new favorites, some that I’d like to reacquaint myself with and others that are brand new.

I think my favorite divination tool is the tarot. I’ve only been working at it for a little more than a year, but it’s very useful, especially when you realize that the cards are indicators. They’re not your future set in stone. You can change what you don’t like or where you feel things are headed. And I can’t imagine a tarot reading where someone doesn’t have at least some self awareness and already knows about the issues laid forth in the cards. 

Sometimes it’s nice to have a heads-up on how much longer you’ll have to endure whatever is on the card. That is, how much longer the lesson or journey will last. Ever have those times when you feel like your life is spiraling out of control?

Pulling a four of anything is really good! Four is stability. You’re doing better than you thought. “Ataboy” cards are very helpful when you’re feeling low or you wonder if the seeds you’ve planted are going to grow to fruition.

I know when I’ve been pouring my heart into a project and I’m so tired that I’m not sure I have the strength to take one more step, I can pull a card or several cards over the course of days that changes my perspective and tells me that I’m just waiting for my ship to come in or I’m on the verge of reaping all the goodness I’ve sown. Or maybe it’s just that virtual pat on the back that you get from the card that says all your hard work is paying off. You’re headed in the right direction and you have all the strength you need.           

I’m looking forward to spending more time with my cards this year. And I’m also looking forward to using the cards to help my friends. I wonder if my intuition will tell me everything that’s going in their life before I pull cards or if I’ll have some surprises along the way? I  have a feeling the cards will support what I already know and feel.

I have a feeling when I read cards for others it will be very similar to when I read palms. 

That’s another thing I’d like to delve back into. Palmistry. I had a self-taught crash course in it a few years ago for an event called Thirteenth Night (see Asheville Daily Planet column from January 2016 entitled “Palm Reading: Sexy Subterfuge or Diagnostic Tool?”). That was another situation where my intuition kicked in right away and took over. A calmness fell over me and the rest of the room seemed to fall silent as I just started talking. And then the words stopped and I focused on my client and they all looked at me in amazement that night. I had tapped into something else that just playing with someone’s hands couldn’t explain. Some of them teared up. Some of them hugged me and told me how true the words I uttered were. You could tell the experience rocked them. But in a good way. I knew I had somehow helped all of these people in a profound way and I wanted to keep doing it.

Remote viewing sounds like a useful tool to add to my resume. Remote viewing is defined by Wikipedia as, “the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target, purportedly using extrasensory perception  (ESP) or “sensing” with the mind.” It goes on to say that, “There is no scientific evidence that remote viewing exists, and the topic of remote viewing is generally regarded as pseudoscience.” I don’t know about all that. We all know the government studied remote viewing and that they generally seek to discredit anything “fringe” that they don’t want the rest of us to know about. But I’m pretty sure the psychics who have found missing children and the remains of missing loved ones would beg to disagree. 

In an interview by one of my favorite authors on psychic stuff, because she isn’t airy-fairy and is, in fact, very down to earth and credible, and has been taught how to do remote viewing from the U.S. government, she tells Bellesprit Magazine in the Jan. 3, 2014 issue:

 “I needed to have a logical backing before I could put myself out there as a metaphysical person. I began taking classes, all the classes I could find of interest in this field and began to give multiple readings. As I did, I realized that I had already been doing this work. I had just never considered it for what it was. I thought when I “read” people, it was normal. I assumed everybody did that.” 

Wow, does that does sound familiar!

Shelley Wright, an Asheville native, is a paranormal investigator. She owns and runs the web-based Nevermore Mystical Arts and works at Wright’s Coin Shop, both in Asheville. Wright also is a weekly participant in the “Speaking of Strange” radio show from 9 p.m. to midnight on most Saturdays on Asheville’s WWNC-AM (570).



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