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Bigfoot researchers receive more support than magical community
Tuesday, 04 July 2017 09:46
Special to the Daily Planet

I have noticed an interesting phenomenon. As most of you know, not only do I straddle the world of the living and of the dead, I also straddle the scientific world of paranormal research and those of magic and magical systems. 

Now, you would think that with all the interest and buzz the world of the paranormal gets with its TV and radio shows and Internet podcasts that it must be cutthroat. It may very well be. 

But with very few exceptions, the actual people who investigate are dedicated to finding the truth and are incredibly supportive of one another. Perhaps thatís why you see so much crossover in the ghost-hunting shows.

Someone may have worked with someone else on another show, or they met through another investigator or while working at a convention like DragonCon.

You develop a rapport. Or you started out with them and are familiar with their investigation style and have already developed a trust that theyíll watch your back in frightening investigations and not run screaming into the night, leaving you to deal with some scary discarnate being. 

And you know theyíll be truthful about the evidence they gathered and their personal stories. And theyíre always helping each other out. 

I was once interviewed by a womenís studies group from a local Asheville university for their senior research project. The interview turned out really well except for one thing. They tried their best to get me to say that I was suppressed or held back or treated unfairly in such an overwhelmingly male field.

Truth is, Iím treated better in this field than any other Iíve worked in. Ever. I have received nothing but unconditional support and respect.

With every fun and chilling story I related about my past investigations and experiences, the college ladies looked more and more sad and disappointed. 

I told those women what I would tell anyone in any field: treat yourself and others with respect and give credit where itís due. The only women not treated this way are the ones who donít respect themselves. Therefore, they donít respect other people. 

I canít say the same for the magical community and that saddens me. I donít know if itís that weíre innately cautious about what we reveal about ourselves, or if we have a lack of trust for everyone.

You would think after all the horrible things that have happened to people throughout history, and even in this modern age we live in now, that we would treat each other with kindness and be supportive of one another.

Iíve heard first-hand accounts of new age shops making fun of customers who pray and use crystals and herbs in their spiritual practices. The woman who related this particular story to me was kind and educated and accomplished.

But they didnít know that. She was new to the area and was singled out and treated horribly. By gosh, if the paranormal community can treat those who research cryptids, that is, creatures who may or may not exist, like Bigfoot or that Mexican goat sucker, the chupacabra, with dignity and respect, then the magical community can do the same! I see dishonesty, backbiting, infighting, even treachery. A dark cloud has fallen over Asheville. But I have a friend who is convinced that Asheville takes care of her own and runs those who would do it or its people harm right out of town! Iím good with that.

Luckily, not everyone is like that. I have and continue meet genuinely good souls who walk many different magical paths. You will notice them by their random acts of kindness, the smiles and hugs they bestow upon you and the genuine interest they take in what you do.

Be on the lookout for these people. They always build you up. They never tear you down or ridicule you or tell you their way is the only way. And if you donít know who to go to or whom you can trust, ask someone else that you do trust.

Donít be afraid to ask questions or admit that you donít know something. Weíre all learning here. You may ask something so profound that it changes the way we look at everything. Thatís a good thing!


Shelley Wright, an Asheville native, is a paranormal investigator. She owns and runs Nevermore Mystical Arts shop and works at Wrightís Coin Shop, both in Asheville. Wright also is a weekly participant in the ďSpeaking of StrangeĒ radio show from 9 p.m. to midnight on most Saturdays on Ashevilleís WWNC-AM (570).



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