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Investigating in the field ... multiple locations, Part 3
Friday, 02 June 2017 10:12
Special to the Daily Planet

Wed, 3/15/17 - 

Arrived at Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, La.

Upon pulling up to the bed and breakfast known as The Most Haunted House in America, we noticed yellow caution tape barring our way to one of the outer buildings. Turns out, the Myrtles had a fire just one week earlier that completely engulfed the restaurant. Luckily, the Garden Rooms next door, the gift shop and the main house were unharmed.

Pointed out Scooby Doo-like portrait at the top of the stairs to Patty. Even in the low light, he had the weirdest eyes. Very light-colored, one blue, one brown. Well, the brown one was mostly yellow. I’m sure if I walked around, those creepy eyes would follow me.

Patty and I had just left the guest shop before foraging for food and she pointed out the cute white cat...who I noticed had very light blue and one yellow!

Thurs, 3/16/17 -

It’s 12:48 a.m. I should be asleep. I haven’t really slept in days. But this place is just too creepy. I won’t even take my clothes off. Patty and I both feel like we’re being watched in our rooms.

It’s 12:57 a.m. and the man next door has started snoring. Again. The couple down the hall, well, I don’t know what they’re doing, but it sounds like the gods are bowling. The street noise sounds like howling wind. And all the doors creak a creepy creak.

I hadn’t been in my room for 10 minutes when the toilet paper dispenser came apart in my hands and the whole unit fell off the wall and onto the floor. And I have no hot water in my sink or the bathtub, but that’s fine because I am not taking my clothes off in here.

Pretty sure there’s a death portait of a little kid hanging on the wall by the bed.

My room is the William Winters Room. Legend has it that Mr. Winters had a sick child and sent for Cleo, not to be confused with the slave girl Chloe, who boiled 16 Oleander leaves to make the childrens’ birthday cake. You only need one leaf to kill a horse. Anyway, Cleo was a Voodoo priestess and put a conjure bag underneath the sick girl’s bed. 

The girl died. Mr. Winters assumed Cleo put a curse on the child, so he had her hanged! Mr. Winters died two days later. 

 When I first arrived, my room was perfectly comfortable. But as the night wore on, it took on a sinister feeling that I couldn’t shake. I was wide awake and watching an area across the room in front of a low chest-of-drawers. I still wore my jeans and sweatshirt from earlier. Guests in my room report moving furniture and candlesticks that fly through the air. I didn’t experience any of that, but I still didn’t fall asleep until sometime after four.

Patty took the John Leake Room. Guests report seeing red orbs and ghostly hands that grab your feet.

Thurs, 3/16/17 - Gulf Breeze, Fla., “The UFO Capital of the World”

When we arrived in Gulf Breeze it was darn cold! The drive in and the ocean-front hotel room were beautiful and perfect for UFO-watching. Unfortunately, we didn’t catch sight of anything even remotely UFO-like. 

Fri, 3/17/17 - Birmingham, Ala.

The Alabama “White Thang” has been sighted since the 1940s. This creature is more than 7 feet tall and covered in white hair. It’s known for its ability to move extremely quickly and for its eerie screech that sounds like a woman’s scream. You’re not alone if you suddenly thought of that video “What does the Fox say?” Some believe it may be an albino Bigfoot. Whatever it is, Patty and I decided that since we were a couple of chicks not used to the Alabama terrain and had no weapons, hiking boots or a guide, we’d best leave it to the professionals. 

Sat, 3/18/17 - Chattanooga, Tenn., Suck Creek Giant Death Fish 

We arrived at Suck Creek at around 10 a.m. It was a lovely river surrounded by trees and homes. It’s located at the foot of Signal Mountain and is so-named because of the whirlpool that caused two ships to capsize within a week of each other in 1973. It’s also rumored to hold the souls of everyone who has died there.

As if that’s not enough, and it never is, there’s a big honkin’ fish! The Cherokee Indians called it “Dawka.” It spans 20-25 feet long and has a head like a rabid dog and a fin in the middle of its back. Upon further research, it’s seen after consuming several 40-ounce cans of malt liquor. Patty and I agreed that malt liquor was the key ingredient to seeing this fish.

Sat, 3/18/17 - Home sweet home! 

Shelley Wright, an Asheville native, is a paranormal investigator. She owns and runs Nevermore Mystical Arts shop and works at Wright’s Coin Shop, both in Asheville. Wright also is a weekly participant in the “Speaking of Strange” radio show from 9 p.m. to midnight on most Saturdays on Asheville’s WWNC-AM (570).



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