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Investigating in the field... Haunted New Orleans, Part 2
Thursday, 04 May 2017 12:28
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In Part One last month, we experience strange phenomena, find out more about our hotel’s haunted history from an employee who encountered it first-hand and hold a seance to find out who’s haunting Building 5.

Mon, 3/13/17  Around 5ish, some lady started screaming in the hallway. I’ve gotta ask about that. Blood curdling screams didn’t seem like proper breakfast conversation for Brennan’s. It was so yummy! 

Turns out I was the only one who heard the screaming lady. Also, no movement of the planchette.

Tues, 3/14/17 - Gentle rocking at 4:58, 5:15 and 6:11 this morning. None of us had a good night’s sleep last night and the beds get harder every night. I had a nightmare but couldn’t remember what it was about.

Patty and I stepped into the coolest little vampire shop, “Boutique du Vampyre.” As we made our purchases, the shopkeeper handed us a little slip of paper and told us about a vampire speakeasy inside Fritzel’s, the oldest bar in New Orleans. “Tell them the vampire sent you and they’ll take you into a hidden room.” 

Patty and I are all about THAT but we’re pretty sure Justin will say, “Oh Hell, no!” I was wrong. “I’m totally on board with that!” 

And with that, it was off to dinner and then back to our rooms to freshen up and change into something a bit more appropriate. 

What does one wear to a vampire speakeasy tucked away in a hidden room? Black. Black goes with everything.

This should satisfy Patty’s craving for a vampire bar. While in the planning stages, we discussed Fangtasia as another option if we wanted the vampire experience “True Blood” style. Patty was dying to go. I told her we should. We have fangs. Actually, our fangs were made for us by the same man who did the fangs for the cast of “True Blood.” “I’ll just look sultry and not talk,” I told her. Mainly, because I haven’t learned how to talk around my teeth yet. I can hear myself now, “Thit Paddy! These ar weel wampires!” Alas, Fangtasia is closed now.

The vampire speakeasy was undoubtedly the best way we could possibly have spent our last night in New Orleans. Fritzel’s was packed three deep when we arrived. The door man said something would probably open up in about twenty minutes. “We were told to say the vampire sent us,” Patty said. We were immediately ushered past all of the patrons into a small hallway to a door marked Employees Only. We walked up a long winding set of carpeted stairs to a double door that read “Turn the key and enter.” We stepped into another world of posh, Victorian decor and modern technology. The tiny bar’s drink menu served up some of the most delicious vampire-themed cocktails I’ve ever seen. We sat on a beautiful velvet purple couch by the fireplace drinking in the darkened atmosphere in the smaller of the two sitting rooms. We sat and chatted animatedly and alternately fell silent to listen to the music. Time flew by. Our bartender was great fun, at one point stepping out from behind the bar and engaging us in conversation. “I ain’t afraid of voodoo but I’m afraid of alligators!” 

Most of the clientele stuck to their vampire roles, but one man embraced it. He reminded me of a Lestat wannabe, like something out of Interview with the Vampire.

I didn’t really take note of him but as he was leaving with his entourage of women, he turned around and walked backwards, locking eyes with Patty. I could just hear those song lyrics in my head. “I put a spell on you.’re miiinnne!”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don’t carry catnip around in your pocket! 

This stems from the lively conversation one of the employees at Voodoo Authentica and I had regarding catnip. I told her about the unintended consequences of re-filling cat toys with catnip before work and not washing my hands and how that garnered all kinds of male attention! She told me about planting catnip and all the invitations for dates that stirred up. 

As we left the Potion Lounge, Patty reached into her pocket and pulled out catnip. 

In the next installment of Investigating In The Field, I’ll tell you all about the second leg of our Paranormal Tour. Next stop is Myrtles Plantation. My room is supposed to be where Chloe, the slave girl, tried to nurse the children that she’d accidentally poisoned back to health. The bed is supposed to shake and candlesticks are said to fly through the air! After Patty’s experience with a shaking bed, I’m not too keen to experience that without putting on a motion sickness patch. I could so use a good night’s sleep in a comfy bed. 

 Then it’s off to Pensacola, Fla., for UFO watching and hunting for the Honey Island Swamp Monster. We head to Hodges Cemetery in Birmingham, Alabama after that and then on to Chattanooga, Tennessee for the Suck Creek Giant Death Fish. It’s hard being a researcher, but somebody’s got to do it!


 Shelley Wright, an Asheville native, is a paranormal investigator. She owns and runs Nevermore Mystical Arts shop and works at Wright’s Coin Shop, both in Asheville. Wright also is a weekly participant in the “Speaking of Strange” radio show from 9 p.m. to midnight on most Saturdays on Asheville’s WWNC-AM (570).




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