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Investigating in the field: Haunted New Orleans, Part one
Wednesday, 05 April 2017 10:09
Special to the Daily Planet

When we planned our haunted excursion to New Orleans, we were going to do all the tours: vampire, cemetery, swamp, haunted. 

The reality was we spent our whole trip totally drained from what I believe was our haunted hotel. The following represents a day-by-day accounting of what happened:

Thurs, 3/9/17 — Montgomery, Ala.

No paranormal activity but we ate some frighteningly good appetizers.

Fri, 3/10/17- New Orleans, LA

Checked into Hotel Provincial. I went with Patty to her suite in the attic since my room wasn’t ready. Within five minutes of sitting down in the living room, Patty felt nauseous and like she had vertigo. I sat in a chair by the window and while I felt a bit woozy, I mostly felt wrapped in a comfortable cocoon of spiritual energy.

At 10:25 that evening, Patty texted that her bed was shaking. For three whole minutes! And then it shook throughout the night. She did the usual paranormal investigator stuff and hopped out of bed and looked under it and felt for wires. She tried moving the bed and looking under the mattress, but it was just too heavy. She continued searching for reasonable explanations as we went to press.

I kept waking up to the feeling of being gently rocked. Muscle spasms? I’ve had muscle spasms before and they never felt like being wrapped in someone’s arms and rocking back and forth.

Sat., 3/10/17  

Patty & I hit the Voodoo shops. New Orleans is full of wonderful spiritual shops, some touristy, some for practitioners, some for shop owners. All are fun in their own way, but Voodoo Authentica was by far my favorite. The employees are super friendly and helpful and I felt right at home in the back of their shop asking for herbs from various sizes and shapes of glass containers with cork tops and swapping stories.

Sun., 3/11/17

Patty bought a Ouija Board at Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo. We’ll try it out later and see what happens. If we can stay awake. I swear this building is draining every ounce of energy from each one of us. We can barely get out bed. 

We stopped by the hotel bar before heading back to Patty’s suite. She wanted to get the real story about her room and bartenders know everything. We found out that the haunted part of the hotel is Building 5. That’s where we were staying. He talked about the original part of that building being a hospital during some skirmish that pre-dated the Civil War and that guests reported seeing a dark haired woman with long hair and a bib dress. One guest snapped a picture of her on the patio.

Also, he related that he was in the Latrobe Room, a banquet and meeting space located on the first floor of Building 5, on many occasions when a man would run into the kitchen area and tell him his wife was mad at him and yelling at him in another language. “What language?” he asked. The man answered that he didn’t recognize it. “Well, what languages does she know?” The man answered, “That’s the thing. She doesn’t know any other languages.” He was a believer when the same thing kept happening over and over and it was always the same story, almost word for word.

Mon, 3/13/17

Ouija board session last night. We kept getting a bunch of gibberish in answer to our questions, which made me feel like we were being played with. That made me cranky. I got a bit terse in my questioning and asked it the hard questions like, “What is your name?” Gibberish. So I began calling it Prissy Bunny and Kitten much to Justin and Patty’s dismay, especially Patty’s, since I was talking smack in her room and she would probably reap the fallout once Justin and I left and she turned out the lights. For once in my life, I finally remembered to close out a ouija board session and I gave stern orders that whatever was there was not allowed to follow any of us home or attach itself to us in any way.

We sprinkled baby powder on the ouija board and placed the planchette on top. We figured if it wanted to communicate, the planchette would leave swirly patterns in the powder.

As it turned out, no shaking bed last night but she did feel like she was being rocked. This was way after her full spectrum camera battery died. In 30 minutes. Spectral activity or crappy battery? Patty and Justin settled for crappy battery.

Once again, I was awakened by the sensation that I was being gently rocked. Nice. I like huggers.

In next month’s installment of our Paranormal Tour, I’ll tell you all about what else we found out about our haunted hotel and invite you along to a vampire speakeasy..

Shelley Wright, an Asheville native, is a paranormal investigator. She owns and runs Nevermore Mystical Arts shop and works at Wright’s Coin Shop, both in Asheville. 



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