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County headed on wrong path, GOP’s poll says
Saturday, 11 October 2014 16:31

From Staff Reports

The Buncombe County Republican Party recently commissioned a poll and the results — released Sept. 12 — show that most voters believe Buncombe County is headed in the wrong direction, with only 28 percent of likely voters believing Buncombe is headed in the right direction, according to the BCGOP.

“I think it’s a reflection of voters realizing that the path the Democrats have had us on, by voting to raise our taxes, handing out money to their friends in these non-profits, and voting to give themselves raises while county residents struggle to put pay their mortgage. People are waking up...” BCGOP Chairman Henry Mitchell said. “The chickens are coming home to roost.”

The poll, which surveyed 600 likely Buncombe County general election voters on Aug. 28-29, revealed that voters are unhappy with recent actions of the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners and are taking the election cycle seriously.  More than 64 percent of respondents preferred cutting spending to raising taxes when faced with a budget shortfall, but the county raised property taxes on residents to cover their budget gaps. 

In a response requested by the Daily Planet, Kathy Sinclair, chair of the Buncombe County Democratic Party, wrote Sept. 29, “It’s sad that the BCGOP is focusing on push polls rather than explaining their positions to the voters, but we’re not surprised.

“When the Republican majority in Raleigh, led by Representatives (Tim) Moffitt and (Nathan) Ramsey, cut $500 million from public education, it was the Buncombe County Commissioners, led by Democrats, that made the additional investments in our schools to close the gap, so that teachers’ jobs would not be lost and our kids would have the resources they need to be successful in the classroom.”

Terrorists will ‘bring it here,’ focusing on ‘soft targets,’ author-prof predicts
Saturday, 11 October 2014 16:27
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 SALUDA — Sporting suspenders, newly engaged to be married and having finally released the follow-up to his New York Times best-seller, “One Second After,” William “Bill” Forstchen predicted a scenario in the near future wherein Isis terrorists from the Middle East bring their fight directly to the United States—where he said they already are embedded—and take aim at “soft targets.”

Forstchen, author of The New York Times bestseller “One Second After”( in 2009) and a miltiary history scholar and professor at Montreat College, shared his concerns about Isis in his keynote address to about 600 people who attended the three-day weekend Prepper Camp on the night of Sept. 13 at Lake Orchard Campground.

“Preppers,” as they call themselves, prefer that label over “survivalists,” a term which they feel has been stigmatized through the years by what they allege has been unfair coverage of participants in the movement in the mainstream news media.

In addition to the Isis threat, Forstchen warned of other possible impending perils, including potentially catasrophic electro-magnetic pulses, coronal mass ejections (serious solar flares) and, in general, a collapse of the nation’s antiquated electrical grid that could take years to repair and, in the meantime, would result in the death of 90 percent of Americans within a year and leave the remainder living a lifestyle — with no electricity — from two or more centuries ago.


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